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[FRANCE] [8.6] Zivera | START SUNDAY 15:00 | RL MAP |

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May 10, 2011
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On September 27 (SUNDAY) at 15:00 Poland Time returns Zivera.PL.

IP: zivera.pl
PORT: 7171
TIBIA 8.60

Exp Stage:
• 1-50 - x150
• 51-100 - x75
• 101-120 - x50
• 121-140 - x25
• 141-160 - x15
• 161-180 - x5
• 181-200 - x2.5
• 201+ - x2

Loot: x2.5
Spawn: x2
Skills: x15
Mlev: x8, x5 for magic voctions

Meditation system
This is a special system that we can regenerate our stamina while ONLINE! This system works in Thais Depot, currently through meditation we get up to two minutes of stamina every minute, where being offline every three minutes only one minute of stamina. The system renews our stamina up to a maximum of 40 hours.

Points for guilds
We have a unique guild points system, namely a special !guildpoints command that can be used once for each guild leader. It will only award points to online players whose level is greater than 10. The command can be used once on a given guild, player, IP and other unique information that we obtain (hint: wait for all players before use). The command assigns 200 guild points to the account of each player who meets the requirements of receiving points.

Ring/amulets/ue exhaust -If you will deal damage to other player, exhaust will turn on automaticaly for the next few minutes. Exhaust will last for 10 seconds and it will turn off automatically if you won't deal any damage to a player for 3 minutes.

PvP Bless - 10 frags will be required to get a red skull on this edition. That's a lot. We're introducing Pvp bless so that players won't lose a lot of money. In case you have pvp bless, normal blesses and you will die by a player, you won't lose normal blesses but only pvp bless. To purchase PvP Bless just use the !pvpbless command.

Extremely stable, sufficient and advanced server engine
- Engine that runs Narvia is currently the best engine in the OTS world, there is no possibility of rollbacks. It works on many threads which makes it different from our competitor's engines.

Protection against attacks - If our server will be affected by network attacks then it means that all the other OTS servers won't be able to repel the same attack. Our server is located in one of the most protected hosting company in Europe - OVH. Although there were attacks carried out on this company but they were quickly blocked. We also have an advanced internal protection system against different types of attacks.

Cast System - This system is enjoyed by our players and used very often. It allows players to broadcast their game and also watch other players playing on our server.

Except for the advantages mentioned above, we have things like:

  • Chat for guild leaders (determine gather without writing all leaders)
  • Rapid server save (0.4 sec for 1000 players)
  • Huge amount of working quests
  • Many working raids
  • The most advanced system against hackers
  • One of the best maps, with almost no bugs
  • Technically advanced website
  • Balanced vocations
  • Auctions with items (alternative sms shop)
  • Recommendation system
  • Quick and easy bug report
  • Our own fixed algorithms of attacks
  • Possibility of changing the layout of casted spells to animated or standard
  • Fully woking task system
  • Advanced protection agains DDoS attacks
  • Exhausted for amulets and rings
  • PvP from level 1 (special protection system until 40 level)
  • Advanced anti-push- Possibility of walking through players who are blocking and haven't moved for few minutes
And many other unique systems!

We hope to see everyone on the server!
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Nov 11, 2010
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Can u fix the damages? a 150 MS making between 150-230 with sds on ppl. we tried yesterday 3-4 ppl to kill 1 mage but couldnt even outpump his damn manas, u want 50 vs 50 battles? just standing still and saying diffrent targets and trying to drop them or what?