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[France][8.60] Shylveria Custom Evolution OT - [09.09.2021 - 18:00]

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May 1, 2021
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Shylveria 8.60 new season with a greatest update.​

Shylveria.net launch 2021 will be our cleanest launch so far and hopefully together with our community we will be able to break our previous player records.​

Hope to see you all at the launch 09/09/2021 18:00 Cest Swedish Time​

IP Game : Shylveria.Net​

Client: 8.60​

Port : 7171​

[SHYLVERIA 8.60 World Information]​

you will be rewarded with one premium point for every two hours you are active..​

We have rebalanced and changed the names of some vocations:​

Sorcerers: 10% more magic damage compared to druids and also +1/hp. Second promotion is now called magician.​

Knights: +1/hp lvl​

Paladins: +1/hp lvl​

Druids: Second promotion is now called priest.​

We've added addon statues​

We've added addon bonuses​

We've added regular raids​

We've balanced all vocations​

We've added new quests with legendary items for every vocation​

We've added a new city​

We've added many new spawns for level 950+​

We've added cool new spells for all vocations to spice PvP up a bit​

We've added some more monster and item missions​

We've added task systems​

We've added war system​

We've added anti-trash house​

We've fixed Battle removed on PZ​

We've added new features​

We've made new updates of monsters,quests​

We've added cast system..​

We've added war system​

You can now gain exp from killing people​

You can now earn gold nuggets from killing bosses.​

You can earned crystal coins from [Snake Game].​

We've added like 25 Tasks monsters NPC.​

We've completed full map bugs fixed.​

We've balanced all vocation.​

We've added [War Zone] for fun​

We've added like 20+ quests.​

We've put vip medal on quests room.​

We've fixed all bugs on map.​

We've fixed all items in quests&axe&weapons.​

We've added donate quests for up to level 500*.​

We've added new 2 event's.​

We've added monster level.​

We've removed the free points.​

Exhaust of spells with donator runes has been fixed.​

Orb system, when you kill a monster there is a certain chance to spawn a teleport. Step on it to receive a random bonus.​

Death channel has been added.​

Box system has been added, there is a certain chance for a monster to drop a present box when they die. If you click this box you will spawn four of the same monster you just killed.​

We've added mining system so that all players have a chance to get some of the rarest items.​

We've added experience daily in website so that you can know how much exp you have gained daily.​

We've added achievement system for more style.​

We've added new city Harber city.​

We've also added 7 new hunting spots. for level 650+.​

We've also added 3 new bosses spots. for level 650+.​

We've also added new hunting spots in VIP​

["Dungeon System"]​

Dungeon You can enter a single dungeon room. There are only 4 monsters to be killed for you to claim the reward.​

Dungeons are open from level 250 and 650.​

There are 16 single dungeon room right now.​

["Attribute Advanced"]​

How i can gain Attribute you will earn attribute by leveling advanced.​

Attribute Advanced = "Attack Speed, CriticaHitChance, LifeLeech, ManaLeech.".​

For more Information Attribute Advanced

["Mining System]​

Mining System Is a stone that you have to pick it by the pick item so you can get from it an mining stones.​

What Is a Mining Stone Mining stones are collected by using a special pick on certain green stones. You can in turn exchange this stones for random rare items. for more info.​

["Daily Task System"]​

Daily task system working perfectly. By typing "!dailytask list", you are able to see what monster that need to be hunted for your daily task. Complete three of these tasks to receive a reward in Shylveria Temple.​

Don't forget to like our facebook page and share our facebook post to recieve Your Points Code.
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Jun 29, 2017
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@Yamaken This Egyptian clown use taleon.online logotype

Mr. Well Known Egyptian Scammer @Owner Gado Please don't open any "new" server.
Not recommended.


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May 1, 2021
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i already hosted them in france yes, is right but i hosted it for sweden. and i already put the same flag on otservlist. and thanks for your reply i just guess its a bump for me <3


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May 1, 2021
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[HEADING=2]In Comeing Server Save[/HEADING]
We've added a new cave in mechanical [Recommended Level 850+].
We've added new cave in forbidden [Recommended Level 850+].
We've nerfed manarunes of mages.
We've doubled the exp from players, to 3X.
We've added required level to join lms the required level is 200.
Fino, Ribbo bosses is now can drop gold nuggets.
We've created another channel for quests [Quest Channel].
We've fixed the attack speed of second promotion.
Gruby and Certilonus spawn box is works now.
We've added more training spot.

[HEADING=2]5 New Tasks[/HEADING]
Task Number 29: Diva, Kill Required: 1000
Task Number 30: Mahmoudhound, Kill Required: 1000
Task Number 31: Enormous Water Elemental Kill Required: 600 [You can found the monster spot somewhere in Mechanical Island]
Task Number 32: Enormous Fire Elemental Kill Required: 600 [You can found the monster spot somewhere in Forbidden Island]
Task Number 33: Gado Overlord [Boss] Kill Required: 20 [You can found the monster spawned somewhere in fire Island]


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Sep 11, 2021
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Sounds like good evo ots, wanna have some fun with my friend, is there a chance for 2 codes for us, I've just made account to post this message lol @Darbaxa