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Free host


Oct 17, 2016
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Hello, I will host a project for free if you fill these requirements:
Server goal is authentic 1x 7.4, no donation system, free prem, opensource.
The goal is to develop a base others can fork and build custom from.

There is alot of free stuff aviable but people never seem to share their work from the stuff they recieved 90% developed for free, I want to break this trend and create a 100% open source 7.4 base.

I have a working tfs 1.2 server with sprites and database, however 1.5 would be a much better long term choice.
Please contact me if you share my vision.
Take care!

Edit 1. I have a homelab with good hardware using proxmox, will host it there 24/7 both public and test for new changes.
Edit 2. Is it really that confusing that I'm looking for a team to create a open source distro? I already have a stable server and I'm willing to share it.
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It is nothing confusing that you wish to open open-source server. But for people to believe in your idea you should start showing your first steps. Actually make a repo, actually show you do commits and host your server. However don't expect to have huge interest in such project but even one or even two contributors sounds like fun enough to have in company.
Yes I will release it if someone show interest in the idea. If newer tfs is more interesting there is nothing to release but files to use from old datapack.
I think what @Erikas Kontenis is trying to saying is that if no one shows interest, and you dont make a repo to begin with, maybe your interest and passion for this isnt big enough. @Evilor
why would I release something if there is no interest?
You have the interest. And if you start working on this other people would start to see the real potential and join you. Someone has to put the first brick in a brick wall.
why would I release something if there is no interest?

Hey I got a really crazy project but no one knows how it looks but are you still interested?

Im joking around but for real people wont be interested in something they can not see
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I have MOST INTRESTING 7.4 x1 everything from tfs 1.5 downgraded to all source. Anyone intrested?