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Team [FREE] Looking for testers for upcoming DB OTS


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May 15, 2021
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Hey guys.
After almost 20 months of slow, hard work me and the team of people that trusted in the project are preparing to go one step closer to official release.
A very quick summary of the server: when I made this I wasn't really looking to ,,revolutionize" DB OTs and create something completely different. I was a gamer for a long time on some of those OTS and I liked many little mechanics and had lots of fun. I decided to create something that is similar in looks to how old DB OTSes felt, but have many new and cool mechanics that will keep the players from leaving.
Some basic stuff that I can share:
  • 99% custom sprites
  • 100% custom map
  • I was dedicated to make this very true to anime so you'll see many cool adaptations (DB Super bosses etc)
  • custom Otclient
The idea of this project will be to have ,,seasons'' (but then again I'm keen on listening to playerbase, so if they decide otherwise I'll accept it) - every 3/4/5 months introduce new content (quests, map spots, monsters, proffesions?). This OTS will also be PVP focused (with many little fun mechanics around it) - but this needs balancing yet.

Now, obviously I'm not able to test everything by myself so I'm looking for people that would like to join, have a look, leave a comment. I can promise you that you'll see the effort put into this. The ,,job'' is free however we can naturally agree on some post-release payments in a form of in-game points that can be spent on cosmetics. I am however ready, to pay normal currency to anybody that will show passion and engagement for the project. If you work hard I don't have problems to reward it.

I don't require x amount of hours, I'm literally looking for people that would like to join and play in their spare time and share their experience so that we can make the game even better.
I'd like to open close-alpha server late next week, as long as we would find any volunteers. If anyone would like to know more please, leave your discord in the thread or in private message and I'll invite you to our discord where I'll share more details. The rates will be quite high so that you can ,,speed-up'' the experience and test more things rather than spend time exping.

PS. if there's any info that I missed, let me know!
hey guys, a bunch of people signed up for alha-testing but I'm still looking for more!
On discord I've put out some sneak and peak channel, in which I'll be posting more photos of server features, feel free to join

Last spots remaining, we have around 20 people so far. Alpha will most likely begin tomorrow, join Discord for updates!