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[Germany] [10.98/Custom] Evotronus, The crazyness fun begins here....

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Dec 17, 2013
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Yes from yesterday we started to work on big updates and evotronus is moving towards newer engine + new systems added with effects players in database, so we have to make fresh new start.

Server will start in Testera mode in 1-2 weeks, as a new fresh world
any news?


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Nov 22, 2008
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any news?
Seerver been started long ago and many updates happend. I been banned longer then month for commenting a comment in my Langague... :D

About some updates that happend in the server:

Fixed healing boost% system real dissplay on players, before it showed 100-400% while in real it was 1-4%. Now it will show as real it is.

Added some new features with you allow you to see yourself or players like this:

You see yourself. You are assassin.
Health: 19500 / 19500 Mana: 12550 / 12550.
Bonus Health: 7500
Bonus Mana: 7500
Bonus Cap: 5000
Healing Boost: 2%
Dodge: 7%
Reflect: 10%
Protection All: 20%
HP: 2/s
MP: 5/s
Exp Boost: 50%

Promotion seems to be fixed, now you can buy promo at level 120.

Fixed healing Boost% system, that all potions works to on the system. Fixed the new spell for knights exori blast, new effect + demage formula.
Now all conjure bolts/arrows spells conjure 50 bolts/arrows instead of before 5/10.

Now all conjure spears spells conjure 5 spears instead of before 1/23x New spells for Mage Vocation

4x New spells for Druid Vocation

2x New spell for Knight Vocation

1x New spell for Tank Vocation

1x New spell for Berserker Vocation

3x New spells for Sorcerer Vocation

Fixed some monsters to have levels

Fixed MS spell 'exevo vis lux' 'exevo gran vis lux' demage

Edited MS spell 'exevo vis hur' now it hits better

Fixed alot of healing spells, now all shoud heal as it shoud
Upgraded Sudden death rune power now its way more powerfull

Added 2x new spells for None Vocations at level 9 and 14, this spells will help alot and will make easier way to get 22 lvl

Fixed Demon helmet quest shoud work properly now

Fixed 50crystal coins quest, now teleport and quest is here.

Added 3 new quests for addon dolls in quest room

Added 1 free to take at level 100 quest of Addon doll at quest room

Fixed some map bugs

Fixed some monsters

Fixed all potions, now
all vocations and NONE vocations can use any potion.

If anyone want to get free premium its good time to message me on discord and i will gladly gift you premium scroll for more fun exploring this server.
our discord: