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[GERMANY] [13.11] Pawulonia (v2)- RL map with low rates.

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May 27, 2021
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Hello everyone.
This is the second time I'm starting with this server (last time it was 12.64). Back then due to lack of time (mainly because of work) and following this lack of time- lack of motivation that forced me to give it up and stop working on it, fortunately this is no longer the case. Recently I was looking for some low rate servers on newest version and didn't find any so went on and created my own again.

So if you're also looking for a low rate server hosted in Europe with no botters on spawns, free premium and no pay to win - join us today. Everyone is equally welcome ;)

Rules? To keep it simple I'll just use one simple rule that is used in corp that I am member of in another game

Stay classy
can be broadly thought of as "not doing something which would get you punched by your mate at a pub."
no discrimination or harassment
that also includes not gloating or mocking others, basically just don't be a dick.

Any suggestions on what to change are welcome and will be considered (also concerning new areas planned to be added to the server, quest ideas, new/extending spawns etc.). Apart from it there are some ideas of my own that I'll be working on implementing and trying to make the server a better place for everyone.

Any questions - feel free to ask them either here or contact me directly on discord server

What about the custom area that I was working on last time?
No, I haven't forgotten about it and didn't quit on making it. Unfortunately the map file that contained the new area that I worked on got corrupted. I'll attempt to get it back and continue working on it... or start over.
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Over last few days there were several changes introduced
  • Spears and small stones are unbreakable
  • Added Grizzly Adams in thais
  • 3rd prey slot, hunting slot, gold pouch and charm expansion are greatly discounted
  • Monsters no longer have broken resistances
  • Fixed skills of frazzlemaws and lizard chosens to work like on RL
  • Added trader NPC (thais library. Feel free to suggest on expanding his wares)
  • Added NPC selling imbu components (Thais temple)
  • Added !buytc talkaction (!buytc <number> e.g.: !buytc 5 will buy 5 TCs for given price as long as player has enough money. If no number is provided then it defaults to 1. Current price of TC is 8000gp each. Will also introduce talkaction to check current TC prices)
Since Friday we've introduced some more changes, some of them according to players' suggestions
  • You get 1 TC for each hour being online (restricted to 1 character per IP)
  • Boosted monster have 0.1% chance to drop 1-10 TC
  • Added parameter to !buytc command (!buytc ? - will display current TC price in gps)
  • Charms' prices are reduced by 50%
  • Bestiary kills are tripled (for 1 kill you get 3)
  • Increased daily reward of prey wildcards on days 3 and 5 from 2 wildcards to 6
  • Added info about free promote and magical gold converter and discord server on login

Feel free to join and check us out, as we're still growing ;)
Since I was away for a week and then sick for another almost 2 weeks I didn't post updates here so time to bring them up.
All the info about updates/commands/plans etc can be found on discord too
Apart from that this weekend and 2 days more we'll have a double exp/skill and 50% TC price (since Friday 07.04.2023 till Wednesday 12.04.2023)


-Rescripted Ancient Lion Archer to act and have loot as Ancient Lion Knight and placed it in Knight's place (reason: map editor doesn't see Ancient Lion Knight for some reason, but it sees archer and warlock normally)
-Removed drunkness effect from Retching Horrors
-Added brown mushrooms and dwarven rings to Trader
-Removed this whole "event area".
-Added Quaid to his correct spawn place
-Fixed Demon Helmet Quest teleports (by the way yes I am aware of annihilator "bug". It's not that critical so didn't script it yet)
-Moved Archery npc to thais library on +1 floor
-Opened door to ancient lion knight place
-Heavily nerfed RoH and life rings (they were REALLY broken)
-added bugs_and_glitches channel on discord
-End of double exp and skill and TC discount weekend :((
-Rosha supply NPCs now sell avas


-Fixed pirate outfit quest (with some workarounds that make the quest a bit shorter and easier but whatever- Missions for community- need only to deliver 100 bread and whisper beer to Ariella. Morgan, Chondur and Duncan missions are ignored. Catapult mission can be completed right away by saying "mission"- same with last mission where you're supposed to go to Klaus. Then you can take outfit)
-Fixed pirate boss raid on LB
-Adding plasma rings and collars to trader npc
-Adding rust removers to trader npc


-Soft boots no longer have level requirement for no reason.
-All items in Houses-decorations will cost 15 TC
-All items in Houses- furnitures will cost 20 TC


-Familiar time left display fixed
-Death strike, ethereal spear and conjure wand of darkness spell cooldowns fixed
-Adjusted loot chance of several monsters
-Tentugly Head boss fight added (A Pirate's Tail Quest)
-Ratmiral blackwhiskers boss fight added (A Pirate's Tail Quest)
-Dreadmaiden boss fight (Feaster of souls quest)
-Fearfeaster boss fight (Feaster of souls quest)
-The Unwelcome boss fight (Feaster of souls quest)
-Adjusted health of grave danger bosses (they had A LOT less hp than on rl)
-Gorzindel boss fight (The Secret Library Quest)
-Lokathmor boss fight (The Secret Library Quest)
-Mazzinor boss fight (The Secret Library Quest)
-Ghulosh boss fight (The Secret Library Quest)
-The Scourge Of Oblivion boss fight (The Secret Library Quest)
-Darashia grave danger boss door are no longer locked
-Faceless bane can now be accessed.
-energy/fire resists are no longer mixed up on item descriptions
-trader now buys focus cape, batwing hat, zaoan robe, spellweaver's robe and jade hat


-Removed 250 lvl requirement for grave danger bosses after update from distro
-Removed 250 lvl requirement for pirate's tail bosses
-Adjusted bunch of monsters to have same attack stats as on RL (e.g. monsters from secret library were like over 3x weaker than normal and many other including library ones had introduced idiotic loot rates. Animated feather, arachnophobica, brain squid, burning book, choking fear, cursed book. Will continue reviewing monsters and adjusting their strength)


-another bunch of monsters adjusted to RL values
-Added spellbooks, purple tomes and some missing rock in a hard place items to trader buy list
-some doors that shouldn't be locked got unlocked (e.g. many doors in secret library, door leading to shortcut to rascacoon etc.)

Friday 07.04.2023 till Wednesday 12.04.2023
-Double xp/skill and 50% TC discount price

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