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[Germany][7.7] - Vanilla-Tibia - PVP-Enforced REAL TIBIA 7.7 GAME! [Start 26.04]

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Jun 10, 2007
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Server Website: Vanilla-Tibia.com - Start your adventure today!
Server Address: vanilla-tibia.com
Server Port: 7171
Client Protocol: 7.7
Rates: Authentic rates from 7.7 for skills and loot, experience rate may differ from server to server
Map: The real 7.7 CipSoft Map

Are you a dedicated oldschool Tibia player?
Do you miss the real game, the way it ran, the way everything interacted?
Monsters, spells, EVERYTHING?

We'll you've come to the right place,
Vanilla-Tibia.com runs the actual game files from 2006.


Experience gained from monsters is 4 times higher than the authentic

The game world we release today is identical to how Inferna was 2006 in every way.
36133No skulls, exhaust is always 1 second, no amulet of losses...

Right now every new account gets 365 days of premium added to their accounts!

After finishing the test of enforced player vs. player combat, we will start one fresh game world at Friday 26th of April:

  • Inferna, located in Germany with PvP-enforced combat

The experience gained from killing monsters will be increased by 4 times the authentic value.

Please note that we have updated the Tibia Rules concerning player killing. Keep in mind that playing on PvP-enforced game worlds is more difficult for unexperienced players. For details about the features of PvP-enforced game worlds please see the previous news.

Quick and simple backstory;
Tibia got hacked in 2006 and the files we run for this is the exact files that was used then.
In other words you are able to relive the days of Tibia 7.7 with the complete and authentic game.
We are running multiple worlds and plan to open more in the weeks to come.
All worlds will run the authentic rates for monster loot and a slight increase in skill advancement for distance and all melee skills (including shielding).
The magic rate is untouched.

Currently all new accounts receives 365 days of premium account status, if you wish to add days to your premium account status should it expire you will be able to by payments through Paypal or direct bank transfers, nothing automatically, every single transaction is handled by staff to minimize the amount of fraud that might occur.
Short version of previous message would be that you will not have to renew your premium account for the next year to come.

Our worlds will run the exact same rates for loot and skill but it may differ in experience.

Right now we have two worlds;

Zanera - Regular PVP World - Authentic rates (besides slight increase in skill advancement)
Nova - Non-PVP World - Authentic rates (besides slight increase in skill advancement)

The next world to be added will be an PVP-Enforced server and it will be announced on the website a week before it is due to launch

All of our servers does daily backups to insure minimal loss incase of power failure or such events should happen.

We use a live chat system that allows you to interact with staff quickly and easy, however remember should you abuse the previlege of having a support agent around the corner your IP will be blocked from both the chat system and the server.
In other words as long as you don't spam the chat or send messages totally unrelated to the server you will be fine.