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[GERMANY][8.6][Dragon Ball Universe] - PVP-E

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Jun 12, 2018
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Server Details
Website: http://dbuniverse.net
Discord: Join the DRAGON BALL UNIVERSE Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/DMK6TVr)
Exp Rate: 1-49Lvl = 90
50-149Lvl= 80
150-299Lvl= 70
300-399Lvl= 40
400-599Lvl= 30
600Lvl= 8
Free 3 Days premium
Free Travel
Free Reborn

Hello. So i closed my previous server because of lack of time irl, incorrect management, and had to go to a bootcamp for one year. So when i came back i slowly was working on this project mean while doing graphic design. So i wrote all information i collected from previous start and tried to accomplish what people wanted, of course weren't able to change everything and create new stuff that people asked but it comes with time, but we did what we could this start. So lets talk about it a little bit

Server Introduction
So we changed map especially main city to a old school because people wasnt able to adapt to new city. So now if you played simple servers you should know everything where is what

People asked about dragon ball system since we didint had them before so we added it
(dragon balls will spawn randomly)

Added vegetto character that only GOKU/VEGETA can be once you kill Super Evil Buu so its before Kid Buu saga
(To become vegetto you will need potara, and hentai book that you can buy from Master Roshi in his land)

Ofc we improved rewards for events so now you will be able to get EVENT POINTS. Ofc we will make more good use for them in bright future as a tournament reward
(to check how much you have event points is command !eventpoints)
(We will fill rewards since we need people opinion what they want to buy for event points)

Added Daily tasker so it will help you to get event points even faster
(you will be able to do it only once a day)

Added KBC News so for gold you can broadcast your message globaly which helps you to sell items or collect people for quest or ani
(Ofc it have some limitations)

Added some new and secret items
  • Improved some of the spells​
  • Added more characters​
  • Rebalanced Some of the characters​
  • Added new npcs on city​
  • Banker you will be able to store all your money on bank and do transactions to a different bank​
  • You will be able to get dragon ball radar in hope city for scews​
  • Adjusted some of the quests/ani because it was sorta to hard i would say.​

So i wont spoil anything more
But you can check a lot of information about our server in our website or discord server. We have more ideas to complete which we will do on updates and let you know what we came up with to get your opinion as a player. See ya!
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Dec 15, 2012
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Any reason why theres 24 players online but the site says 57?