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[Germany] [8.6] - Evolera-HighExp Server Pvp

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Oct 25, 2022
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I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our new Evolera server! We’ve taken the time to understand the rich history of Evolera, originally created by Willie, and its unfortunate closure. We’ve seen the attempts to reopen Evolera by various owners, and we’ve learned from their mistakes.

Evolera has always been a server that stood out in the Open Tibia community. Its unique focus on Player vs Player (PvP) combat, coupled with a high experience rate, made it a thrilling place for players who sought intense battles and fast-paced gameplay. However, the frequent resets and profit-driven management have left many players disappointed.

Our mission is to bring back the Evolera you loved, but with a fresh perspective. This is not a for-profit venture; our primary goal is to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for all of our players. We’re committed to maintaining the server’s integrity and ensuring that it remains a fun, fair, and engaging environment.

Here’s what you can expect from the new Evolera server:

  • Community-Driven: We value our players’ feedback and will actively seek it to make continuous improvements. We’re in this together, and your voice matters!
  • No Frequent Resets: We understand the frustration of frequent resets. Our aim is to provide a stable gaming experience where your progress is valued and preserved.
  • Fair Play: We’re committed to maintaining a balanced and fair gaming environment. No greed, no unfair advantages.
We’re also excited to announce that we’re accepting donations to help maintain and improve the server. All profits will be reinvested into the server to ensure its longevity and to continuously enhance your gaming experience. Your support will go a long way in making this server a success.

Now, let’s get into the specifics of our server:

  • Client: 8.6
  • IP: Evolera.Myvnc.com
  • Port: 7171
  • Server Type: High experience server with a focus on Player vs Player (PvP) combat. There are quests, hunting places, and bosses, but the main goal is to kill as many people as possible!
We’re introducing several new features to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Bridge Tile System: This system empowers players for five minutes, giving you an edge in your battles.
  • Gem System Scroll: Activate this system for a ten percent power boost and the ability to block incoming attacks for five minutes.
  • Skullhunter System: Top players earn skulls for defeating opponents; different colored skulls represent varying levels of damage boosts.


We’re inviting you to join our beta server at evolera.Myvnc.com. We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions to make Evolera the best it can be. Let’s create new memories on Evolera, together!

We're currently looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our team as Community Managers for our new Evolera server!

As a Community Manager, your role will be crucial in shaping the Evolera experience. You’ll be responsible for creating events, assisting players, and fostering a positive and engaging community environment.

Here’s what we’re looking for in our Community Managers:

  • Experience with Evolera Servers: Given the unique nature of Evolera, we’re looking for individuals who have experience with Evolera servers and understand the dynamics of our community.
  • Active Participation: We need team members who are active during uptime (17:00 GMT) and committed. Your consistent presence will help us maintain a vibrant and responsive community.
  • Creativity: From creating exciting events to coming up with solutions to community challenges, a creative mind is a must.
  • Communication Skills: As a Community Manager, you’ll be interacting with our players regularly. Excellent communication skills will help you assist players effectively and maintain a positive atmosphere.