Global full 8.60 (Exclusive) (Xodera Server + de 26 areas Vips + Multiple Trainer)

Jun 9, 2013
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Global full 8.60 (Exclusive) (Xodera Server + de 26 areas Vips + Multiple Trainer System)

Well guys, in order to keep everyone happy, without suffering the search for a decent ot, I'll post another perfect servant, I'm not like some posts here that are beautiful, explanatory etc. .. and end sucks, my post is simple but the sample server is in practice, lower open, vain and really see what I said then following will give more or less the basis of the server, the server contains more than 26 areas VIPs including islands, cities and VIPs, VIPs already have items, just go in and look for item.xml xodera, and all who have the name xodera items are VIPs, vip is the system by each premium account but want to make these schemes then it is not my problem, all good quests, server without any bugs, fully corrected serious and silly mistakes, that server when online, then picked up the 700 + players to see that the server is great, download and use: D.

Dowload Server Complete

Recalling that the map server to have very large files with this just for linux, is already with the sources, who did not know how to use linux, please contact me
Reupload please