How does support work?

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Don Daniello

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Apr 11, 2008
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I made 2 more threads today and didn't get much help because they didn't give a clear & concise answer it was either a few words or LMGTFY.
Not to sound like an asshole but maybe the questions I have are too hard for people here to answer?
Maybe they are too hard. Not that many people know all the particular details necessary to answer your questions. Maybe the people that know how to answer that question don't have the time to browse Otland anymore and are inactive, or simply don't have the time to explain it to you even if they know. You can't quite force them to. Support here is not something you are entitled to receive. You are (still) welcome to post your questions and hope for an answer. Depending on many factors, you may or may not receive it. And then you may or may not like it.

If I am on the wrong forum can someone direct me to a developers forum? Please no LMGTFY links. Thanks!
You are on most likely the right forum for OT related development. But you shouldn't expect to get "access" directly to developers. The true developers that contribute the most to all the tools you probably downloaded and use are mostly not active. You certainly shouldn't try to directly contact them through any means you find if you're not getting a response here.

Is the staff here the people who update the sources or is that someone else? Because if it is someone else then I want to be in contact with those people.
Yes and no. Like I explained above, you may want to be in contact with "those people" but "those people" may not necessarily want (or simply have time) to be in touch with you.

Overall, what people successful with OT do is spend a lot of time trying to solve the problem yourself and reading the Internet. That's how "those people" did it 10 years ago and became that skilled. Now they use those skills for other purposes beyond OT maybe. You can't just expect to have any questions answered and every problem solved for you. There are MANY members that spend lots of time trying to solve other people's problems on their own time entirely, but they may not always have that time.
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