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How much work to create a 7.6/8.6 server?


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Oct 12, 2022
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I'd like to create a 7.6 or 8.6 server, but I have no coding experience.

I don't want a customized server, however I'd like to have a server as close to what Real Tibia was during it's 7.6 to 8.6 era.

Real map with no additions, no custom spells, have to buy spells at NPC, no trainers, low rates, real quests and no additional ones, and so forth. I know it doesn't exist, but basically a copy of what the real game was during 7.6 and 8.6 times.

I ran across a data pack called Emporia 8.6x, it looks like it has a lot of (or all) of what I would be needing. It looks like it should have almost everything needed, but I'm not sure what else I need, to compile an .exe and to get the server online, using the contents from the Emporia 8.6x datapack.

If I can simply get a working server to where I can get it online even only on my computer, I would be able to finish out and get it hosted on a dedicated server on my own.

If anyone is able to help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated. I would even be willing to pay some if someone can help me get a server going. The more turn key the better, I have zero experience with this, but would really love to get a server up and running. I have been reading some stuff but I am still kind of lost on how to get a server executed.

Right now all I have is Emporia 8.6x datapack and currently looking into how to compile an engine for launch, so I can log into the game and look around and see how the server is and what else may be needed. I'm so noob :(

Very much thanks for whoever is able to help me some. I will also check any private messages here on the forum if someone is able to help walk me through some steps of the process.
As someone who used Emporia as a datapack to start from in 2010~ - I can say for its time it is good but you definitely want to look past it now. I would start from a TFS 1.5 Downgrade; then take ORTS/ORTS2 or OTBR's earlier versions when it was compatible with TFS exclusively and simply remove the things you dont want.. heck; keep some of the new quest lines that are just npc based and give a reward. But that's personally where I have started myself with when I rebuilt my 8.6 real map server. Its a tedious task but well worth it.
Emporia wouldn't work for a simple 8.6 Real Tibia clone? I want an OT as close to Real Tibia as possible. If Emporia isn't a good match for that, is ORTS/2 and OTBR a better match for a strict Real Tibia server? I do have the TFS 1.5 Downgrade downloaded, but unsure of what direction I need to be heading in now.