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Compiling How to compile a server?


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Feb 18, 2008
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I've been searching for hours, and can't seem to find a tutorial that isn't written in (no pun intended) a different language.

I'm simply trying to remove the blacklist check, which I've already done through otserv.cpp. What programs do I use? I've download what seems to be at least five now, and none of them work. (Doesn't help that I can't find a tutorial and have literally no idea what I'm doing.) Dev-c++ Doesnt work and terminates because I have no libraries (How do I even make a library?) Git is a UI disaster, Stian's Repack Dev-Cpp v2 doesn't launch, Visual Studio doesn't have the correct pathing...

I'm not computer illiterate by any means,I've just never done this before and could really appreciate someone walking me through this or pointing me somewhere. Shoot, I can even send you the sources I need compiled. I can't update to newer distros because I can't compile. It's maddening.

Edit: I've gotten Stains Repack to go through a successful compile I think. The win file was created, but I can't find the .exe anywhere. Halp :(

Edit2: Diligence has paid off. I figured it out. Cheers

Thanks in advance,
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