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Lua I'd like to know if you can do this in a quest


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Aug 8, 2011
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Hello Tibian community, I came up with the idea, of my server with global map, to give continuity to the Tibia quests that have not been solved until today, I would like to make the custom quest, of the Basilik and the serpentine tower, in the basilik, I would like to be able to create teleports and map a little to be able to reach the npc, My question is based on an idea that occurred to me, when you talk to the basilik, is there any scripth, that you can enable, that when you talk to him,
A raid of snakes, and custom bugs is generated all over the map of Tibia, on every map and a sign goes out to all the players that say, "you are awakening the beast, the curses will fall on everyone", is just an idea. But is there any script that when you say a dialogue to an NPC a raid is generated?
Yes of course this can be done.

Simple globalstorage check for the raid, to see if it's been triggered before or not, and boom, call whatever function you want after that.
Thanks, now I'll start doing the quests, let's see what I can think of