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I don't have time
Sep 2, 2010
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Hello otland,

All of a sudden every thing is changed and every one is grown up but it is time for me to move on ...

I started playing tibia in 1/10/2008 and ended in 29/06/2019 I was 9 years old when I started this game and thanks for my older brother who told me about it..

I enjoyed every second in this game every server I joined and most of all I loved this community with such best developers and members but I just saying all these words for what I'am feeling about this beautiful mind peace game. I killed a lot of times playing it with my friends and even my friends stopped playing it and moved on too.
In the last few days I was one from the people who was trying to rebuild this community back and make every one pay attention for what I'am saying maybe I helped a bit but I have done my part.
I remember every moment In this game my first character in tibia,first server played and the first server I hosted in my old pc and left it for 5 days online :D
Each of these moment got alot of nice memories even my youtube channel I haven't deleted any old videos about this game.

I know maybe most of you don't who I'am but I want to thanks every one in this community for every thing and ofc the people who helped me too
So it is time to say goodbye otland and goodbye Tibia
HAiL otland Forever
Hail Tibia <3

Some old photos of me I would like to share with you guys :)

level 200.png