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Login error account name or password is not correct [TFS 1.3/ Tibia 8.6]


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Mar 28, 2021
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I have TFS 1.3 [8.6] from [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System (https://otland.net/threads/8-6-tfs1-3-global-source-web-tools-quest-reward-system.271659/) and ACC from slawkens/myaac (https://github.com/slawkens/myaac) and everything works fine like creating account on website app , creating character and it is saving in localhost/phpmyadmin in database by xampp but when i log in to account it shows me all character lists but i cant enter into game world. It shows me message : "Login Error, Account name or password is not correct". What can be wrong? How can it be account name or password incorrect if i just logging in normally and it shows me character lists but as i said i cant enter the game.