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OTClient Looking for coach


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Sep 18, 2022
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I decided to try launch my first OTServer with friend...
After solving few issues we have manage to start server..
We did few map locations, add npc's, create new voc etc.. but... every step further is starting to get more complicated...
Main problems that we were fighting with is... adding new outfits/making server playable for others without hamachi, more complicated steps on remeres map editor, basic commands/scripts etc.
We are looking for someone who will find few minutes/hours to answer few total beginners questions and help us get thru simple changes on server.
We launch server based on TFS 1.2 but there is no problem to change it if its nessesary.
Ofc. we will PAY for coaching.
Questions / problems that we have are totaly beginners questions so.... i m pretty sure everyone on this forum will fit perfectly to help us get thru this :D
Prefer polish language users but... we can try to use english aswell.