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Sep 12, 2018
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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but after reviewing all threads this seemed most applicable, sorry in advance if it isn't. I'm not looking for anyone to hold my hand nor to be given anything other than some guidance in mentally compiling everything I need to get a solid server up and running. I'm not concerned with which version the tibia client will end up being as my current dilemma comes from finding one piece of the puzzle per say, but missing other crucial ones; for instance finding a good version of The Forgotten Server that runs tibia 8.60, but the map included is limited and garbage so you look for compatible 8.60 maps and necessary files, but there never seems to be everything you need for one version to make everything else work.
EDIT: My current goal for the server is to have a real-tibia map (I have the tracked one already) with working houses, NPCs, and quests.

With this said, my question is now that we're most of the way through 2018, what would you suggest I run as a server for which tibia client?

My long-term goal is to teach myself what's necessary to host the virgin 7.7 files, but I'm having trouble even getting CentOS installed on my server so I'll save that for another time. In the meantime, this server is an attempt to further my very basic understanding of all the moving parts involved in making a tibia server run. Again, I'm not looking for any hand-outs so just light-hearted suggestions are requested. Thank you!