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Looking for help with finding addresses [PAYING]


Oct 5, 2015
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Some background:
I worked as a programmer for 5+ years so I am not a rookie but I am quite new to memory addresses and finding pointers and such (hacking)
Currently I managed to find most values that I need in, such as health, mana, my pos x, y,z etc. But it's the battelist I have problem with I can't find the pointer for the first enemy (and then the rest as well ofc) in the battlelist.

What I need is to find x, y, z and the name of creatures in battlelist. I figure if I just find name or any position such as pos.x I can with offset just step through the rest and find everything I need.

I want a full list of battle and I want to see how you did it so I can replicate it myself, preferable we talk in discord or skype when you show me.

I already found the x pos and name of creatures (any pos in battle) but not the pointer meaning that when I start the game again I lost the values that I need. What I need is to have the correct pointer with the correct offsets.

I am willing to pay 500 SEK (around 50$ or 50euro) if anyone can help me.
Also bonus if you can help me find exhaust and "full" status the exact miliseconds/seconds of them.

I don't plan on botting or cheating I just want to learn and better understand this type of programming/hacking I tried on several different applications with better success but I struggle here. The APP I need help on is not Tibia it's Medivia.

Hopefully there is someone here that knows this stuff really well and it don't take long for you so you can make some easy money! I was thinking paypal if that is ok.
Please check that it works and you have if figured out and prepared before we call so we don't waste time, in an ideal world you contact me and have everything ready to show and I mostly just listen and write stuff down then I check that it works on my side and I pay you.

Thank you!