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Team looking mates and or testers for a war server 8.0 hybrid


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Aug 8, 2011
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server base is tfs 1.5

Looking for Testers, and maybe helpers, my discord:

Forgotten War

Website ForgottenServer-WAR (https://www.forgottenwar.online/)

7.4 Graphics and mechanic
SD/explo/HMM/LMM/GFB/FB Runes hit all stacked players
parcel trap is possible
UH Trap (work in progress, not working on hotkeys usage.)
Rope monsters and items(Oldschool Rope system)
Infinite Ammo, Runes, Rings, Mana.

*Some other features
Custom Spells, Amoo And Shootypes
Custom ITems
Addons and Mounts
Old, New and Custom Outfits


Taken From nostalrius and othire, might not be the real ones but they are close as possible.

*Server Mechanics

You gain skull by killing player(5 kills = yellow. 10 kills = Green. 15 Kills White. 20 KIlls Red)
All Players start at level 40.
By killing players you gain Soul and Platinum coins
with platinum coins you can uograde you equipment
Soul is required in order to cast spells like: exevo mort hur or exevo gran mas vis


Change Map(the server has 7 war maps)
Zombie Event
Capture The flag Event

*Monster Behavior(Only quests since is WAR OTS)
New monster behavior
monster target strategies added
ExtraAttack (combo-attacks)