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Looking to join as staff-member


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Feb 24, 2021
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Kingdom of Hell

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-Time zone (GMT)
GMT +2

-Availability (hours per day)
Roughly 6+ hours

-Do I have basic people skills, am I truthful and willing to enforce the rules to protect my community?
Yes. I got over 11 years of CM experience in WoW-Private servers hosting up to 1000+ players with 700+ on peak hours. I'm always un-biased and follow the rules as they're stated.

-How many languages do you know
English - High
Arabic - High

-Why am I qualified for this position?
The CMs work is to build, grow and manage communities. With over 8 years of experience I believe myself very suited for any server that may be looking for one.

-Why did I leave my old server?
With the new expansion of WoW (Mist of Pandaria) I felt it was my time to walk away. I was not excited about the expansion at all. I did play Tibia when I was younger and I'm now looking into working as a Staff-member for any server.

-What do I think I'll do after you hire me?
I'll get right on work. Introduce myself to the community and what my work will be. I will be spending alot of time on the forums of the chosen server to get to know people aswell as be ingame to learn as much as possible of the server.

-Why should you choose me?
I'm a very kind person, helpful, considerate, and resourceful. I'm a stickler for rules and authority. Meaning, there's a reason people are put in position of authority, so everyone can enjoy their experience and not have to be hassled. I like to make sure people are having fun, and not
getting harassed or cheated by people who think it's okay to do so.?