Lost Transparency in sprites? No problem. (Pink background in sprites?)


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Oct 23, 2012
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If you worked with a good amount of sprites in the past, you might have run into the problem of losing your files transparency a long the way. I thought I would share what I found, as I searched here for a solution and couldnt find one.

This can be a very frustrating problem that may require tedious fixing, such as deleting every portion of the pink or white background with magic eraser.

I found an easier way to hit all the files at once.
The magic program is called ImageMagick, can be found here.

Install the software.

You have the folder of broken images.

Create a folder named batch inside the image folder.( can be named w.e you want, change in execution line tho)

From there open a command prompt and change the directory to your image folder.
"cd C:\Users\Krazy\Pictures\sprites\"

Now were gonna convert the files, run this command which applies transparency to the files(#FF00FF is the pink, can be any color).

"FOR %G IN (*.png) DO convert %G -transparent #FF00FF batch\%G"

Afterwards your files should be copied in /batch with transparency.

Simple and easy.

Have a good one.