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making friends from florida


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Sep 20, 2012
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Hello if you live in Florida, I'm looking to make friends programmers or coders. If you live around Orlando area hit me on my PM. I'm trying touch with local programmers and coders. I speak English and Spanish.

I don't work with OT- servers but i fell in love coding because of building one TFS 1.0 server long ago. I'm building other things other than this like online Store, Games, or probably a startup and get to learn more from others, so if you are from Orlando Florida hit me up!

so far my experience is

PHP 7/10
SQL 7/10
CPP 6/10
XML 9/10
LUA 6/10

I just had a baby boy so I'm trying to keep up making time for my coding. I want to be surrounded by programmers to become a better one good looks 😁