[Mexico] Azteks Server 2

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Apr 13, 2008
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Con Tu Mama / With Your Mom
Welcome to Azteks!
Prepare yourself and create your legend!

Client: Custom client <Some custom items, new features and outfits, and a lot of custom monsters and quests>
Hosted in: USA
Website: Azteks Server 2 - Latest News

Map: Map is custom so there are a lot of new, custom places to discover, strong bosses and hard quests.

Server type: Low rated Pvp-Rpg.
White skull after unjustified kill, stays 10 minutes. 3 kills gives you a red skull and 6will lead to a ban. Pz lock is 30 seconds, also it takes 24 hours in decrease frag count.

Exp rate: 30x-7x. <stages>
Skills: 8x
Magic: 4x
House rent period: weekly.
House price as rent: yes.
Premium is not free, but it's not so many advantages between premiums and free accounts players(all tibia spells are allowed to free accounts, access to all areas).
Death penalty is smaller then standard in premium mode.

Some features:

- Unique promotion for premium characters, gaining awesome abilities and armament for higher levels.
- Permament aol por premium.
- Have the privilege of seeing for the first time as his character is based on tibia movements by attacking not only the static if you do not see how releasing the swing to be hitting or put your shield to defend or to see a magician load before releasing their energy... wait it in the next update ... Only Premium! Only Azteks!
- You can even fly across the Azteks Empire over your beast!

Others Features:
- Custom Vocations: Druida, Hechisero, Arquero and Guerrero.
- Custom Promoted vocations: Mago Blanco, Sombra Infernal, Franco Imperial and Barbaro Aztek.
- Some Custom outfits.
- A lot of custom items and weapons!(Around 160+ new items)
- We have got a lot of quests, events and surprising features, just try!
- We are often updating server and we have got a lot of new ideas which will be introduced soon.

And a lot more... on Azteks server!
We need 60+ people for 15 premium days FREE!

Note: The entire server is 100% custom but it's in spanish. Chasm thread edited!! Thanks Fare ;*
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