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Jun 14, 2021
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It has been a while since I've been on OTLand, so hello ;)

I offer programming services related to OTClient and TFS 1.x.

What I can do for you:
  • compile TFS/OTClient on any OS and provide the know-how on it,
  • code in Lua/C++ (either TFS or OTC),
  • convert lua scripts from 0.2/0.3.6/0.4 to TFS 1.x or write a new one if the old one is wrote poorly,
  • set up a dedicated server - through SSH/TeamViewer or simply instruct you to do it on shared screen - whatever works best for you,
  • fix crashes.

My background:
I am in OpenTibia for a very long time (+10 years) and I was already involved in a couple of loud projects. Regarding Lua/C++ I can do very complicated systems (as wished by the client) and in this matter rather nothing is impossible for me. All things considered, you won't be disappointed.

Payment and work
  • I can receive payments in BTC/EUR/USD - BTC is preferred, EUR/USD through PayPal gift,
  • we will discuss the price when you provide me with the info on the work. When I begin, I can only give you the estimated price. Final one I send after finishing the work,
  • I work per hour,
  • you receive your ordered code when I receive the money. If you have doubts about the code I can show it working on shared screen or you can simply log-in to my server to see it working.
  • in every case, let it be you sending me the code or me sending it to you, the confidentiality of the work is guaranteed. No one besides me and you will see the code.

Discord missingno#0693
or private message
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