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Apr 11, 2012
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Ohio, United States of America
Hey guys,

I recently discovered this cool new online business simulation game. They're still in the early stages, but slowly growing by proposals of the community on their forums. It's really neat, and I thought perhaps some of you would like to check it out. I'll post some information about it below and show some screen shots of my experience so far.

Hit me up on it if you like it and want to play together when you're settled in. ( No I will not give free stuff. ;/ )

What is the game about?
It's a completely player-based economy; It's about making virtual money. The game is a free to play business simulation game, where you can run your own companies, trade stock, trade currencies, negotiate deals, and so on.
Health & Apartment Renting
You lose 2 percentage points of health per day if you are homeless. If your health reaches 0, you will die and lose all your assets immediately. You are able to recover your character after the death, but you will not be able to reclaim your possessions.

You can rent your own home from an Apartment Renting company, via the World Map. Look for pieces of land with a home icon on them, indicating that an apartment building has been constructed. You will pay a daily rent when renting an apartment.

Note that only Apartment Renting companies may rent out apartments. They must own a piece of land with an apartment building constructed on them, and then they must define the number of available apartments for renting and the default daily rent via their Company Management page.

You can recover lost health by consuming Medicine Boxes, purchasable from retail stores. Read more about retail stores in the game manual article Energy & Reetail Stores.

How do I get a home?

You have to find an apartment renting company location via the World Map. Look for pieces of land with a home icon on them, indicating that an apartment building has been constructed.
I have a construction company - how do I build?
A land owner has to ask your company to build on their land. Note that you must have enough resources (cement and electricity) to accept a building contract.
A safe and easy way to earn money is to get a regular worker job. You can have up to 5 worker jobs at once. You will be able to complete a job once per 24 hours, and each time you complete a job you will be paid your wage by the company. You can look for jobs under Community » Available Jobs. On the Available Jobs page, click on the company name where you want to work. If jobs are available, there will be a box that lets you apply for the job.

Once you are employed by a company, you can complete your day's work by clicking on "Begin Work" button on the company page. There will be a notification on your Dashboard whenever you are able to work again.

Each time you complete a job you will lose 2 percentage points of energy. You can regain energy by consuming a Food Package, which are buyable from Retail Stores. More information in the article energy & retail Stores.

How do I make money?
Making money is the point of the game, so listing all available ways to earn it would be a little counter-intuitive. However, to get started you should find a job (or up to 5 jobs), complete the beginner bonus actions (first market offer, first company, first avatar, etc.). For a quick buck you could also try getting a loan from a bank.
Creating a company
To create a new company, go to Dashboard » Companies & Jobs and click on the "Create New Company" button. You will have to fill in some fields, which are explained in detail below. Note that the name, type or country of the company cannot be changed later!

Company Name

Choose a company that is in good taste and not against our Terms of Service or Game Rules.
The home country of the company. This will be the basis for wage currencies and the like, but won't limit the location of owned land or constructions.

Initial Capital

How much money you want to send to the company, usable for wages or other investments. You can enter zero here, but it is generally a good idea to put some starting money into the company.

Company Types:

Holding A company that doesn't produce any goods or services, but can own other companies' shares.
Electricity Production Produces electricity (required by construction companies) by employing workers.
Cement Production Produces cement (required by construction companies) by employing workers.
Food Production Produces food packages (sold by retail companies to persons) by employing workers.
Medicine Production Produces medicine boxes (sold by retail companies to persons) by emplying workers.
Construction Can build retail stores and apartment buildings on request. Needs lots of money invested to buy resources (cement and electricity).
Apartment Renting Able to provide apartments to persons. Requires land with apartment building constructed.
Retail Able to sell items such as food packages and medicine boxes to private persons. Requires land with retail store constructed, money to buy sold items.
Bank Provides savings accounts with custom interest rates, plus loaning services.

What's the difference between a private and a public company?
Private companies can only be traded via Private Trades, while public companies are also listed for trading on The Exchange. By default all player-created companies are private companies, and there is currently not any way to elevate to public (via IPO, initial public offering). Eventually making a company public will be possible, with limitations such as a minimum net worth, like in real life.
How do I create a company?
Go to Dashboard » Companies & Jobs and click on the "Create New Company" button.
Energy & Retail Stores
Whenever you complete a worker job, you will lose 2 percentage points of energy. If you have under 2% energy, you are unable to work. You can recover energy by consuming Food Packages. To find a retail store, go to the World Map and select a country, a city and a piece of land with a retail store built on it. A piece of land with a retail store built on it is denoted with a shopping cart icon, as shown below.

On the land page you can see the store's current offers, if there are any, and you can select an amount of items to buy. Note that if you buy items from a retail store that is in a different city or country than your current home, or if you are homeless, you will have to pay a fixed delivery fee.

Once you have bought items from a retail store, they will appear on your Dashboard » Assets & Debts page. Click on "Use" to consume a Food Package or Medicine Box. Each Food Package recovers 20% energy, and each Medicine Box recovers 20% health.

How do I buy food or medicine boxes?
You must find a retail store via the World Map. If you buy from a retail store that is in the same city and country as your apartment home, you will not have pay any delivery fee. Homeless people and foreigners must by pay a delivery fee to the government at every purchase.
Sending money and private trading
You can initiate Private Trades or send money as a private person via Dashboard » Private Trades or via your company's management page.

Sending money is fairly straight forward: just click the "Send Money" button, enter who you are sending to and how much in which currency. The money will instantly be transferred, without need for approval from the receiving entity.

To initiate a new private trade press the "New Trade" button. Enter the recipient details, the thing you want to trade and the price the peer entity has to pay to receive the goods. Once the trade has been initiated the receiving entity has to either accept or decline the offer via their own Private Trades page. Some limitations apply to private trades: land with active renting contracts or retail store offers may not be traded, non-holding companies may not receive company shares and private persons may not receive items from companies.

How do I send money or other things to someone?
Go to Dashboard » Private Trades and click on the "Send Money" or "New Trade" buttons. You can also send from a company that you are a director of, via the Company Management page.
Trading on The Exchange

Live Data
Under the Live Data tab you can see the current situation of the market: latest prices, price history, some data about available offers and so on. Select a specific thing from the dropdowns and press "Update" to see some useful data of the thing you are interested in. You can see values from the last hour day, 5 days, month, 3 months and 1 year period by clicking on the respective values. All prices and trades on The Exchange are in USD.

Last - The price last traded for.
Change - Change in price over the time period you have chosen.
Range - Minimum and maximum trade price during the time period you have chosen.
Volume - Amount traded during the time period you have chosen.
Ask - Current lowest sell offer price.
Bid - Current highest buy offer price.
Create Offer - Quick links to the Create Offer form for the selected thing.
Create Offer
To create a new buy or sell offer, select the "Create Offer" tab, and fill in the details of your offer as explained below.

Create As - You can select whether you want to create the offer as a private person, or as a company that you are the director of. 
Offer Type - Select whether you want to buy or sell. 
Thing - Select what you want to buy or sell. 
Amount - The amount of things you want to buy or sell. 
Price Each - The each price for the thing you want to buy or sell, always in USD. If you are buying, the system will automatically try to get the cheapest available offer for you, but will not go over the value entered here. For sell offers, the system will try to sell for as high as possible, but never less than the amount entered here.

My Offers
Under the My Offers tab you can see your current active The Exchange offers. Trades that are already completed can be seen under Dashboard » Historyinstead, or under your company's management page "History" tab.
Using Bank Services
Banks in the game provide savings accounts and loans. You can find banks via Community » All Companies. Select "Bank" from the "All Types" dropdown. On the actual bank page, all bank services provided to customers are under the "Bank Services" tab.

You can deposit money to a bank via the "Bank Services" tab, both as a private person or as a company that you are a director of. Click on the "Deposit Money" button, and a form will show up, where you can see the current daily interest rate the bank offers. When you deposit money you will keep that same interest rate until you withdraw all money from the bank. Note that depositing money in a bank carries a certain risk, as there is no guarantee that the bank will be able to afford your withdrawal request at a later date! Banks may or may not accept deposits in all currencies. 

When you have deposited money in a bank, you can see those deposits on your Assets & Debts page, and on the Bank Services page. To withdraw money from the bank, simply click the "withdraw" link on the Bank Services page and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
Under the same "Bank Services" tab you can apply for a loan. Click on the "Apply for Loan" button, select the entity you want to loan as, and enter the amount of money you want to loan. Once the application is sent, a director of the bank will review the loan and propose an interest rate as well as a daily installment amount. The director may also outright reject the loan application if he or she sees fit. 

If a bank director accepts your loan, you will see the proposed interest and installment amounts, which you have to either accept or reject under the "Bank Services" tab. If you accept the loan terms, you will immediately get the money. Every day, the debt amount will increase per the interest rate, and you will automatically pay back a part of the loan (the installment amount). 

As with deposits, you can see your loans on your Assets & Debts page, and on the Bank Services page.

Come register, check it out, and join in on the fun!


Go check it out!
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