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My first cave.


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Aug 7, 2018
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For me it is okay, everything depends on how much time you want to spend on simple cave.
Stone in the middle with wide path around is good idea,
I guess it is rotworms cave for beginers so paladin have plenty of space,

You can make boring cave with just 3-4 chaming "places" and everything will look quite okay:
-You did it already with bones and skull, can place there some rotten meat, bloodspot or broken sword
-You can do it with some mud and water + shrooms but remember it is underground and there shouldn't be many flowers
-You can do it with some wooden furniture and troll living there with small candle and hay to sleep
-You can do it with some slime and ferns, muddy footprints, and some ghastly eye watching
-You can do it with troll digging tunnel with pick (also quest for pick or just laying on floor)
-You can add just a 3-4 mixed stone and earth borders

I think shape is okay, always imagine that when player gets to dead end will be disappointed but you can cheer him up ith reward or just by creating loop so he can go back but with different path


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Jun 14, 2009
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You're able to get away with 'blockyness' if you can hide it in a way players or other mappers don't mind. Such as creating little outcove type spots that break up the monotony.
As with the emptiness feeling, the best details are always ones that don't inhibit player movement. Not that yours is an issue with most of the pathblocking items to the sides. But if you look at my example I whipped up, I added small details that add to the piece which helps with that emptiness. Mushrooms help a lot in caves as there is a huge variety, especially with the 'mushroom debris-like border' items.
As you can see below, my map is largely 'blocky and straight' but doesn't quite feel it. Besides for the human-made structure where its obviously intentional.

I would also recommend to maybe stick to one thread for your mapping pieces in general. Easier to manage that way.


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Aug 22, 2008
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New Zealand
For a first cave bro, it's not too bad, definitely seen worse and don't fret too much about it being empty ish, plenty of corpses will make that go away, though some greenery might be nice to distract from the brown tones a bit. :) keep it up