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My first take on Digital Music Composition

Very good track. I think you could add some guitar later as well (not as a main sound but in background). Waiting for more!
I like these samples, they sound aggressive and cinematic.

Unfortunately i know from my own experience that you may sometimes encounter a criticism from other musicians that your only skill is mixing samples together that are not even yours. I mean they were not created or at least heavily edited by you. But... I also started this way (10+ years ago) because i could not use synthesizers and had no knowledge of how to make my own sounds.
In my opinion, you should slowly start with the basics of writing melodies, chords, choosing the right key / samples to the atmosphere or genre you want to create/achieve. The second important thing in my opinion is fairly good knowledge of the DAW you are working in.
It also all depends on what you want to achieve in the future. If you only want to open your DAW from time to time, play with the purchased samples and share the effect with your friends, forgett what i wrote earlier. If makgin music is or becomes your passion, i really recommend starting with these 2 steps and then returning to playing with samples and trying to combine them with VST's after some time. Don't get me wrong, i am not saying that mixing samples is the wrong/noobish way to make music. They are quite often needed and very helpful, for example in drums, fxs etc. In my opinion you should use synthesizers for the rest to achieve ANY sound or combination of sounds you want.

Ok i got a little lost in what i wanted to tell you and i dont know english enough to tell you everything (and there is a lot).
I see you are from poland so "pisz śmiało" if you want and we will talk in polish. ;)
It's like you said, bunch of loops and sfx mixed together. And no, it's not my passion nor something I'm going to pursue, it's just something new I want to experience. I got this sound pack to create music for games (like main menu music), trailers or cinematics. I'm not going to master this either, just gonna mix samples to the point where it sounds good. Criticism won't change anything here, I don't care that much :D
cool maybe u can add some story lines like in this video:

do u recommend any sampler pad software?
something that let's u loop recordings and repeat on the button
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Inspired by Lord of the Rings and marching army of orcs in battle for Minas Tirith.

First 30 secs
I know what u said before that making music is not your passion but come on, man. The last one i just the same war drum sample played in a loop. I can even hear where the sample ends (there is a small pause). I did not want to be mean but let me or others hear something a little bit more creative. Even if you work only with samples, i believe you can do it. ;)
What you are referring to as "war drum" is not a war drum, I don't think it's even a drum at all, https://includespark.eu/download/Mountain - short.mp3
I wanted this to sound like a war drum and marching army and I'm happy with the result. What else would you put there? Vocals? Who is singing on a war :D Check spoiler tag in my previous post and watch first 30 seconds.
Its actually a some kind of orchestral drum hit (probably layered with other things + synthesized, dunno). War drum, war hit, cinematic hit, cinematic drum. Whatever. You can find similiar sounds with these names everywhere. Actually i was sure you placed a complete loop and didnt know you made it out of single samples. So yeah, sorry for that.

Fun fact: there is a lot of information in history about "special" groups of musicians playing and singing during battles, sometimes they were even killed and they knew it would happen if their "friends" lost. 😎

You can place almost anything dark, angry and strong in the background. Vocals? Why not. Deep mens choir or single and strong vocal hits should fit and create bigger war atmosphere. Even womans choir but in darker style would fit too but not for entire song, you can place them in places where something is changing, for example drums are starting to go faster or there is more hits, just before that you can place a womans vocal going up or down (pitch). You can try to put reeverb on the vocals or things in the background, most of the time it makes them wider and help create an atmosphere.
Gonna experiment more next time, thanks for the tips.
Experiment more because you seem like someone with a good ears. This is something innate that we discover only when we get deeply into listening or making music.
I looked through my "expermintal" folder where i could have something that could help you achieve a better atmosphere. Unfortunately, i do not have anything exactly the same but i found a few from which you can take some mini lessons or inspiration.

If you want to check them out, here you are:
(if not - let me know i will delete them)

Ignore that stupid electronic bass and pay attention to the vocal hits.

Streched vocal choir, layered and processed with some effects to achieve some kind of dark atmosphere.

Nothing special here too but an example of dark vocals + soft choir in background.

I know this sounds a bit like a rap / trap beat. Its not about the beat, its about the woman vocal in the background. In my opinion this kind of vocal would sound perfect on movie soundtracks. Unfortunately, i never tried. I just give you an idea of what vocals you can look for.

Ignore bad mastering, very electronic sounds or obvious errors in the position of the sounds. The differences in volume (mostly often too strong low frequencies) result from the fact that when i created most of these pieces, i lived in Poland and Germany. In Poland i had one audio equipment and in Germany another, completely different. These short pieces have never been finished or tweaked.
Vocals are what I'm missing the most in this pack, there are few female but they are too "happy" so it's hard for me to make them fit.
nice ones, you do have good ears.
You would like to play with a synthesizer I'm sure. try Serum vst
even if you dont know how, download some presets for your genre and play with it.