Storywriter Needed for World of Alfadur


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Nov 25, 2007
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We need a storywriter urgent for the beta test!!

  • Running guarantee of the server till January 2010, I've signed a contract of a dedicated server which will last at least till January 2010!
  • You get all paid things like premium for free (lifetime!)
  • Higher level of trustworthiness, meaning you have higher chances to become a gamemaster
  • The great chance to have all your ideas and suggestions become reality, there are not many (if any?) teams/otservs out there who can offer this. So let's say you want a spell which creates a volcano that spits fire damaging all nearby players - then I can code this (just need someone to draw a volcano then :p)
  • A good portion of maturity is appreciated.
  • You must speak english very well!

Website: World of Alfadur
Two videos I made showing exemplary features of WoA:
Camera System:
Dynamic Fire:

PM me for further informations, I'll answer in less than 3 minutes when I am in front of my PC. :eek: