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Neravia [RPG] - custom MAP, old tibia systems - what do you think?


Dec 1, 2022
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I would like to talk if it makes sense and if they were willing to play on a low rate server with their own map.
This server started its adventure in the times of tibia 7.6.
Back then, I was just an ordinary gamer who had no idea how it all worked...
The server, when using the 8.10 protocol, was one of the most besieged Polish RPG servers.
In total, two people had access to the map.
The main owner of Black, later bought by Hermes.
I played every edition, then I started to be interested in how such an otserver works.
After several years of experience, trials and failures, I set up my first servers and Neravia disappeared from the map of otservers.
My dream was to get a map that was very hard to get. But finally managed to acquire the old version.
I started editing it and building the entire server from scratch so that the legend would return to the world of servers.
I even had my first edition, it lasted 100 days.
Of course, there were mistakes, but the joy that I revived this server was really great.
Now I'm planning the next edition, most things are done, improved but I don't know if they will be willing to join and write a new story for this legendary RPG server.

I started this topic to get to know people's opinions, whether it's worth it and whether they will motivate me to take further action to make my dreams come true.

What would the server look like?

Only classic Tibia Game Play!


*Low Rate EXP - start 6x and going down to 1x.
*Skills Rate.
*Loot - x1 (balanced not global stats)
*Custom Addons System.
*Addon Bonus System.
*Loot / Task / Anti-Bot channels.
*Cast System.
*Free Premium.
*Auction System.
*Offline training system for special item.
*Old Bless system.
*Frags - 3 = RS.
*Guild War Sysem.
*A few NPC with others missions for players.
*Runes with no level restrictions.
*Equipment with no level and vocation restrictions (with a few exceptions as in the old tibia versions)
*Protection 30+ LVL.
*Task system with special token (we can change token on NPC for money / special items itp. - no weapons,armors etc.)
*Anti-bot system - but only for full AFK players who are pushing hard (if anti-bot catch player - his not banned, but lose some experience with %).


Lots of boxes in map. Various puzzles.
Top quests global:

*Demon Helmet Quest
*Pits of Inferno
*Inquistion (custom map)
*Demon Oak
*Warth of Emperor (custom)
*Svargrond Arena


See for yourself on the minimap. Lots of continents, different places to visit.


One of many video from this map - now IP: neravia.eu (not servegame.com)

What do you think about my job?
Do you have any idea?
Can it work?
Answer if you would like to play on such a server.

If you have any idea, write a question! This is only a short part that I described here...
Thank you for every answer.

Next time i will add pictures from the game and some places.
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Pictures part [1] - NEW ISLAND [GALERA] - some place.





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Pictures part [2] - NEW ISLAND [GALERA] - some place.





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I play on this server yesterday.
Now there is a fun edition for everyone who wants to get to know the server.
The owner is preparing to take off in the fall or winter.
From time to time he throws patches or updates.
There's always something going on there. I recommend everyone try it.
For players using their own client without bots there is 30% more exp to be fair!
perfect server...

when will it launch?

for Brazilians there is no server like this RPG server

really good
idealny serwer...

kiedy zostanie uruchomiony?

dla Brazylijczyków nie ma takiego serwera jak ten serwer RPG

naprawdę dobry

We change protocol to 10.98.
Actually server is open to tests and updates.
When we close topic and update all to new system we start with golden edition 10.98.
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Zmieniamy protocol na 10.98.
Aktualnie serwer jest otwarty na testy i aktualizacje GM.
When we close topic and update all to new system we start with golden edition 10.98.
Golden bot Edition 10.98*
Golden bot Edition 10.98*
I had the edition 8.60 everyone said , that the most botched version.
Now 10.98 - you say bot edition.

The truth is that the bot on OTClient for get fired up on any version of the protocol.
And bots are on every single server to a greater or lesser extent.

Surely we will want to have some control over the bots.
In addition, there will be a client on which there will be an EXPA bonus for using it, so that players without a bot will have an extra advantage over those who don't get caught.