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New Cipsoft feature - TOURNAMENTS - what do You think?


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Apr 28, 2019
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Tournaments dont appeal to me personally but I think they are a good idea for the maintenance or growth of tibia. Its not possible for a new player to join tibia a 20yr old game and compete for a spot on the high scores. As mentioned in the thread many games have a concept of seasons and leagues with hard or soft resets.

My main issue with the idea is the cost to enter, premium account, at least 1 lvl 100 character on the account, and 500TC or 10KK depending on the world type. I can reasonable see having a premium account and an entrance fee that is 10% of the current prices IE 50TC or 1KK with no level requirement.

From the comments it seems like many in this thread didn't bother to read the FAQs and CM comments from cipsoft.

There are two types of tournament worlds for each tournament 1 with store items and 1 without store items. Its a players choice to be on a p2w tournament world. Every account is allowed 1 character on each type of tournament world.

Each tournament can have different rules on how to earn points and rank up. This is a first time they are releasing the feature expect it to expand and evolve. They already mentioned there will be tournaments that focus on first to complete quests, team/guilds, most quests completed, etc...

You get kicked each day at the 4hr mark. You can be in the middle of a spawn, once 4hrs ends you get kicked.
always kill at 3:59 then ;)