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New Project. Tibia Book


Oct 2, 2021
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Hello Otland community. I am here to give you guys a little bit of information about a new project i have been working for a couple years. The goal is to get as much feedback as possible before launching the test server and the final version. The information seen below is there to guide you thro the main ideas, keep in mind that we can change anything at anytime before the final launch. I have been playing tibia since 7.1 version and after all this years tibia is still the only game i play ( besides chess) and the only game i follow streams and community. As many players from my generation, i believe Cipsoft ruined the game with pay2win updates, new graphics that game the game resemble a mix of dragon ball z and star wars and lack of work on amazing old features like Lore, quests, tasks, etc.

Our server is not a 7.4 or 7.6 server, but a mix of all versions up until 7.72. What does it mean? well, we will put together what we consider to be the best features of this old great versions. A good example is the introduction of wands and rods, as well as outfits, which fits perfectly the aura we want to have. It doesnt make much sense to me to be a mage using axes to attack. The main difference between our server and the ones outhere is the immense expansion of the caves, dungeons, and general areas, which allows us to make all items obtainable, including epic ones like blessed shield, magic long sword, golden helmet, etc.

We developed a system in which all those items will be obtainable by reading real tibia lore and continuing the quests from where they became impossible to continue in global tibia. This way we believe players will still be able to obtain those items while feeling they are playing old tibia, everything has been expanded, not edited from zero.

We took advantage of the fact that we dont really have to create any new areas and just added around 220 new pickholes and secret caves that are, again, accessible by walking on the old familiar areas, the deeper you go, the more you will find. Npcs have been adjusted, they now answer to new commands, in order to allow players to get hints on how to get items and information not available before. Those new areas are perfect training spots, rune making spots, pvp scapes, all with a lot of RPG.

Tasks have been added, but they work a bit differently from the repetitive tasks we find in other servers. On "Tibia Book" a task is usually more of a mission, and the rewards are also more mission based. Sometimes, killing 500 dragons will help you get the trust of some NPC that will help you get some specific item or reach a new area that has been expanded. Overall, all tasks are different and will give you different rewards, like outfits and old items like bronze necklace or amulet of life.

Of course we are aware of the reasons regarding why this items have been removed, the unbalances and so on. Thats why in our server they will be mostly decorative and used mainly to allow players to "connect" with epic items that will be obtainable from now on. They are basically rare items, needed for quests and missions, without any major attribute to gameplay itself.

I dont want to make this post a book itself, so i will let you guys asks questions and make suggestions from now on.



World configuration:
-Medium 7.4 Realmap Server with 50 % expansion
-Datacenter, Netherlands (Europe)
-Streamers championship
-Server save at 09:00 AM.

Game Configuration:
-Loot rate: 1x
-Magic rate: 1x
-Skill rate: 2x
-Spawn rate: 1x

Experience stage:
1. Stage : Level 1 to 30 : 5x
2. Stage : Level 9 to 80 : 4x
3. Stage : Level 81 to 135 : 3x
4. Stage : Level 136 to 250 : 2x
5. Stage : Level 251 to 350 : 1.5x
6. Stage : Level 351 to 999 : 1

-Frags to Red Skull: 3
-Frags to Ban: 6
-Frag duration: 15h
-Unjustified player killing ban time: 7 days.
-Final ban time: 30 days.
-Red skull disappear when all frags gone.
-Warnings to 7 days ban: 1
-Warnings to 30 days ban: 2
-Warnings to deletion: 3


-Wands and Rods
-Addons and Epic items obtainable thro Quests and missions
- Expanded Spawns ( map is 40 % bigger )
-Tasks built-in client
-Guild war system
-New training areas, hidden deep around the entire map

Shop System:

  • 30 days premium account
  • 60 days premium account
  • The postman quest
  • Bluen and green djin Quest
  • Magic light wands ( 4 and 8 sqms )
  • Sex change
  • Name change

Nice, another 7.4 lowrate project.
There is already 20 servers like this.