Suggestion Newcomer landing page / link


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Nov 17, 2010
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For random people who come by and visit the forum, they have zero idea what the forum is even for or about.

Suggest for a 'landing page' or a fairly visible link on the main page that would tell newcomers more about OtLand in a short and concise way, and possibly direct them around and explain what different sections of the forum are used for.

quick shoddy example

New here? Click here to find out more information about this forum!

OtLand was created by fans for fans of Tibia.
Tibia is a 2d game created by Cipsoft.
Fans of the game created open software that allows you to host your own Tibia server.
You can modify, create and expand upon the original game using the default LUA and XML files provided.
You can even delve deeper and modify the open source code and create your own completely unique server.
blah blah

-- Idk lol
I didn't put much thought into it.
Main point is the idea, and someone more creative then me can figure out what to put there.

I just feel like new people who come to the site have no clue what's it about, and even if they peruse the forum there is a lot of Tibia Lingo that 'outsiders' would never understand.