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No vocation server 10.98


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Jan 5, 2020
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This is the solution I came up with, but there is still a problem: Regular Tibia skills (sword/club/axe, dist, shield etc.) don't work well with no vocations.

Now you can either make them more modern, with Vitality/Magic/Agility/Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/more/attributes but this clashes with items giving stats, will be a nightmare to balance and you have to implement some kind of progression or skill point system and you have no idea if it will even be fun or simple enough for players. Or you use the old skills for other systes like mining or crafting but then what's the point of gaining levels?

Either way I think we're onto something
My solution was to create a single skill for weapons: "damage skill" and all weapons damage are based on this skill and all weapons level up this skill.
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no you get players switching equipment 10 times a minute

without vocation the best char imo
  • distributes the 45 points on level up evenly: 15 hp, 15 mana, 15 cap; resulting in 1k each at level 70+ good for close range combat with top spells
  • regenerates the fastest mana and slowest hitpoints, like a promoted mage, to use spells, make runes and gain magic levels as much as possible
  • magic is the strongest weapon, other skills are secondary but useful
  • as for equipment, armor and speed are most efficient
In my server was the best way, like I said before, with health and mana being related to itens, player will decide how they want to play. Let's say I want to be a tank, so I would focus on equipment that increase my life to the most. Let's say I want to be damage dealer solo player, I will have to balance health with mana. I would need health for suvivebility and mana to cast a lot of spells, in that case I can either use heavy itens combined with light or medium, or I can use full medium set, and make adjustments for what I'm laking, for example, if I will solo hunt demon, and they hit to up 1k of life, I need at least 1001 of life and the rest I can use as mana, but for more survivebility, I would have at least 1500 of life. That makes itens a crutial thing. My server has more than 2000 new itens, so it's easy for me to do the life and mana this way.

My reason to do a non vocation server is that people get bored playing one vocation the entire game and also because it allow the player to adapt to every situation. How many times in tibia I wanted to do a type of hunt and there were only people with the same vocation as mine and we couldn't do it. So a no vocation server allows it to be more flexible, less boring.
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