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Aug 26, 2018
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So I am using tfs 0.4 and I have a problem with NPC. I want the npc to sell me potions or runes in backpack when I turn on the "Buy with backpack" option, but it doesn't work. Also, even if I make it work it doesn't include the amount of the runes and what I mean by that is:

  1. Let's say that my sd has 3 charges > means that when I look on it on trade it is a sd icon with number 3 written on it.
  2. I am now clicking to buy it and the sd I get is only with 1 charge.

Here are 2 scripts:

1. This one works perfectly in terms of charges so if my sd has 100 charges it will buy sd with 100 charges, but it doesn't work in terms of buying stuff in bp.

2. This one allow me to buy stuff in bp, but doesn't take charges into an account.