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Graphic Designer Offering free design services for the community


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Mar 20, 2023
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for ways to contribute to the community while also practicing my design skills. So, I thought I'd offer my services to anyone who needs logos, avatars, banners, videos, or anything else related to design. I'm happy to help with anything that can benefit your server or project.

Here are the services I'm offering:

  • Logos: I can design a unique and professional logo for your server, Discord, or Forum.
  • Gifs: I can create custom gifs for your server.
  • Banners: I can design banners for your server.
  • Videos: I can create teasers or promotional videos for your server or project.

If you're interested in any of these services, please reply to this thread with as much details as possible about your request. If I like your reply, it means I'm accepting your request.
Please note that I'm doing this in my free time, so it may take me a few hours or days to complete your request.

I will only accept small and medium requests, Nothing complex.
Do you have a Discord?
i have been working in this project for a month

Seven crown, Gungale edition. (https://otland.net/threads/seven-crown-gungale-edition.284642/)

can you do a Logo for the game? this logo will replace the "TIBIA" logo of the client, and website.

the name of the game is "Seven crown" Gungale edition as i plan to launch a second server called "cardinale version" for the aincrad theme
Add me on Discord I want to show you some examples.
Been after someone to create a video for Blazera! I'll add you on Discord ❤️