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OTClient OTclient front end UI helps


Sep 27, 2019
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i had this window mod

  id: tutorialwindow
  width: 625
  height: 160
  !text: tr("Title of MOD")

    id: Little Button
    !text: tr('First button')
    width: 100
    height: 25
    @onClick: print('test')
    margin-top: 10

But i would like to add the X button to close
Just like elfbot have

Change MainWindow to MiniWindow is the way?

If it is the way, i have some problems and things to do that idk how to

1- the window starts on top left, not on center, how to spawn it on center?
2- button start on title, i cant see the title, i have to move the window to see
3- the button have no position, it looks like flying when i move the window, i'll post some imgs in the end

4- how to remove minimize button, let just the close (X)
5- how to make X to work? to actually close the window
6- how to remove scrollbar?