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[OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - December Sign Up

Sign up?

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Oct 16, 2008
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You know the rules, and you know the drill.
If not, let me remind you:

The winner of this OTLand Official Mapping Contest will receive premium to their OtLand account.

At the end of a "season", the winner will receive an additional prize! Stay tuned. More details and current standings as well as a more detailed account of the rules can be found here: Hall of Fame | Rules | F.A.Qs
How do I sign up?

A poll has been made to allow you to sign up, simply select "Yes." to join, this contest has no limit on how many participants there are, whoever doesn't submit is simply not shown on voting day thus being disqualified. We have decided that allowing everyone to see who is taking part in the competition might inspire participants to make better pieces.

The poll will be open for the entire duration of the submission phase. Please ensure that you submit your entry within the deadline.

Max Participants​
Sign Up Deadline Date​
Tuesday 22nd of December​
Submission Deadline Date​
Tuesday 22nd of December​
Images / Submissions Allowed​
Type of Submission​
Either Map Editor / In Game Image​

How do I submit?

Once you've mapped your entry, please create a new thread here with the title "OtLand Mapping Competition - December Entry" (you will not see other threads). You can always send me a revision should you wish to change it but please ensure you do this prior to the December deadline.

Please ensure that if your entry image is in game that you use "do not stretch game window" box when taking an in-game image and remove names, identifiers and health bar. If you submit a map editor image, please ensure you're at 100% zoom as to not distort the image.

Light effects vs image size is the trade off here, do as you see fit but if I get sent an extremely large map editor image, I'll kick it back. Be reasonable.


  1. No captions.​
  2. No in-game text.​
  3. No GIFS or otherwise animated images.​
  4. All submissions must be mapped by the user submitting and the user only.​
  5. No colluding or team mapping allowed.​
  6. No custom sprites allowed – Please ensure you are using the vanilla Tibia.spr in your submissions.​
  7. If you sign up, you must submit an image otherwise you MAY be banned from competing in the following month’s competition (unless notified prior)​
  8. You must not discuss your submission with any other user. Please keep it to yourself until the voting stage has concluded, and the results determined.​
  9. No Photoshop, custom sprites, animations or effects.​
  10. Any client version is allowed.
  11. For game screenshots: must use "do not stretch game window" box when taking an in-game image and remove names, identifiers and health bar.
  12. Map editor screenshot: must be at 100% zoom.
Any users found to have broken any of the above rules will be disqualified from the contest and will be banned from submitting for the next competition.

If you have any queries or questions, please let me know.

For this competition, up to 2 images are allowed.

To keep it short, the deadline dates are as following:
Sign up & Submission: Tuesday, 22nd of December.

I would like to thank @eiserne festung for the suggested Christmas Theme!
Psych! This months theme is "1 Year of The Plague", suggested by @Red.

For inspiration check the stickied inspiration thread.
Here's a few pictures too:

Congratulations to @eiserne festung for winning last month's competition, with the theme "Free For All".​
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