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OTS Tibia Movies[7.4-7.72]

@Worr VILKEN KILLE, tack som fan.

Ill re-render the last move tonight and see if its a big enough difference to reupload on youtube aswell xd
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I don't play corrupted servers like Realesta but after addition of new bots i've tried one of them and i have to say its pretty easy to kill them. I've seen most people do it with sd + mort hur but here is the video of double sd kill. I remember bots on divinum had e-ring and you had to actually take that bot out of mana to kill him. Here i see people trying to land 1 sd and spam mort hur so its not that hard. I suggest adding e-ring to the hardest bot equipment so that killing him would be possible only after taking his mana first.
I suggest playing valoria war ots and i dont advise supporting corrupted servers like realesta
Varloria war it's empty , people no play on servers where exhaust system it's slow like for grandpa with parkinson ,
and they don't have good advertising.

Varloria energy rings have bug very often and working to slowly after use and people die with full mana when use it probably engine it's to slow little better than 8.0 server but to slow to compete with the smooth running Realesta rings war.

The rings work well enough for slow rpg gameplay server, but also there very often the energy ring works too slowly, it is not suitable for the war server.

This bot it's for training uh / sd , not for attacking they on utamo then last bot it's not easy to kill.
The exhaust is exactly 1.5 sec on offensive and 1 on defensive ones.

Item movement is instant, only bound to your ping.

It's funny how unskilled hosters convinced players that the delays that occur between item movements are an optimization issue (or lack of the delay is somehow a godlike optimization), while servers perform actions in nanoseconds and the delay on "8.0 servers" comes from this line, which is intentional and in no way related to the performance lol
So how to explain the fact that energy rings can have errors several times a day at server Varloria , and on the realesta war server have sometimes
one a week or more long after more long hours gamplay?

My friends when play at Varloria war have better internet than me and to have somtime 5-6 x per day energy ring errors when they play at thsi server.

It is enough to spend a few hours on both servers and with the naked eye you can see the differences in the operation of the rings, when they are often used, every experienced player will notice it.

People have faster exhaust system on rl tibia pvp enforced in old times than on Varloria war ots.

Nobody today uses ball mice anymore, so exhaust needs to be faster.
There is no delay on anything. Sd exhaust on valoria is 1.5 and on realesta 2 so next lie. Moving rings might be harder because you have to pick it with more precision because on some servers it wont register if you move your mouse nearby item and not precisely on item inside your bp but that doesn't mean that server has parkinson but rather players that cant pick it properly like you have parkinson.
Dude, I'm a master in this game when it comes to precision and speed in using rings or amulets.

I think you no played never at realesta war if you think exhaust runes have 2 second.

When i played at Varloria war then hard to dueling uh sd , because runes working slowly a hell and some time must fighting like 40 min to kill one guy if he are no noob and know how to healing.

Rings have erros many time because working slowly and i have many bugs and die with full mana and energy ring at slot if i no have precision then ring must be droped in backpack no staying at slot if it's not error , but it's error when you die with ering at slot.

I don't know if you are a clown or if you like to write about something you don't know about.
All it takes is to measure the exhaust between each sd shoot on realesta and valoria and topic is over. You play on 7.4 for a long time but at the same time you are one of the worst players not only because of your 2005 pc and internet from phone.

I did not meet one person that treats you seriously in this game thats why it's my last message to you.
I'm playing on the internet on optical fiber not from my phone and I have a laptop from 2017. not from 2005.

I don't know too many palyers with better pvp skills in this game and they are for sure top players from realesta war, not some no name from rpg servers who think exhaust is 2 seconds and have never played war ots.
i found some old cams, how can i open them? rec files.
as far as I remember it was necessary to have a tibia or tibiacam client or something like that?