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Complaint Pangeria - deleted thread and banned user, why?

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Jun 2, 2016
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The user Pangeria has been shared between two different users, whereas GOD Wille was one of said users. Another account, with the same IP as Pangeria, but not GOD Wille, had posted in the thread with a positive comment. This lead us to believe that the server was falsely advertised. The IPs matched. One thing that we couldn't confirm completely, was if GOD Wille had changed his IP respectively (and thus not matching his main account with the third user), or not. That's why both Pangeria and GOD Wille were banned. We had previously heard that this other user (believed to be an alternative account of them/him), was supposedly another person, living together with the other user that shared the Pangeria account. All the other newly created accounts that had commented in the thread, were unrelated, and we knew that. That was never part of the problem.

We have now confirmed that the third user actually exist, and is living with the other user that has access to the Pangeria account.
This topic has been very controversial, and it was a more complicated situation than what it was first considered being. "We are all humans, we also make mistakes.". Addendum 4.
It was moreso a communication error, rather than anything else. We never act on personal feelings, so if this has caused any issues for you that are reading this, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I think that we on OTLand are having a "we" and "them" mindset when it comes to moderators and members. We all need to remember that we are all in the same boat, together. We love the game in different ways, but we are here with a common interest. So we should all help each other out instead of aggressively attacking each other. If a mistake has been made, then we are here to talk with you about it. I have since this situation occured, always reached out to respective users and have had a conversation with both of them making sure that they have someone to talk to about this.

It is very hard to prove something with a 100% accuracy, and sometimes mistakes are made. There have been stuff going on behind the curtains that still remain sketchy, but the users shouldn't be banned until proper evidence is gathered to prove their wrongdoings. They deserve a second chance.
We will hereby lift the ban of the users, until further notice.
I will also restore the thread that was deleted.

Thank you to the ones that have been mature and patient about this situation, and to those who haven't—remember that the rules apply to everyone.


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Jul 28, 2018
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I'm not hating, so don't get me wrong.
But maybe.. just MAYBE.. time to start chasing trolls/haters instead of "possible spoof advertisers"?

I mean, I'd much rather have a forum there people "might fake their ads feedback" than the current otland that threads are filled with trolls/hate.

I mean..
#an advertising thread
guy1: huehue spoof ots (hater)
guy2: sell golden boots (fake message)
guy3: I cloned 50kk.. anyone wanna buy (fake message)
guy4: omg crash again! and I lost 20 hours!!!! (a game that haven't crashed since second world war = fake message)

This is what otland is now.. hate and trolls.. and much is VERY obvious.. VERY.. yet those messages and users aren't punished in anyway.
But people advertising and doing no harm, gets punished on daily basis.

I see people who gets their advertising threads deleted without any message as to why.. just to find out after ages.. that "you forgot to include ip.. even though website was included"..
But posts of obvious haters/trolls and mass-user fakers.. remains day in, day out.. for years and years...

So.. maybe time to change focus.. stop chasing those who's not doing any damage..
and start bashing those who really does.


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Sep 9, 2015
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@TheGahl @Deduch

Please keep in mind that this is a feedback thread and all replies here are subject (or related) to the original feedback/issue..
Avoid re-posting here if the post is not related to the issue aforementioned~
1. Explain your suggest/complaint in a proper and clear way
to prevent various amount of questions
If you saw an improper post anywhere don't hesitate to report it, we are likely to follow rules as all should be doing :)

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