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Programmer Part Time Job Offer - Programmer


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Oct 23, 2012
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This is an actual job offer, I will ask you to fill out a 1099.
(youre welcome to pad your resume with this .. when I get the call from an employer youll get one hell of a reference)

You will be involved in many projects not just on OTLand. (asp.net, c#, web scraping, php, html, lua, c++ python and more)

My job requires about 50-60 hours a week so progress has been slow on my projects.
I have been using services around OTLand/upwork/fiver etc however the delay time is hurting my development as they typically work with other projects.
I'm looking for a dedicated person with a fast turn around time on code.

Pay will be consistent on a weekly/biweekly basis depending on work performed. ($100-200 per week minimum)

References are preferred but not required.

If you are wondering if you are fit for this, if you know these 2 questions without googling, then you most likely have the skills for this position.
What is a recursive function?
What is a SOAP service?
(you don't have to answer)

However I will take any skill level as long as you are dedicated and can produce code.

Some of my projects here:

You will not be pigeon holed on boring scripts populating massive tables or anything,
you will have access to a lot of raw development.

If you do not understand how to do something because you have not ran into it in your tech stack, I will take the time to teach you the platform as long as you can develop consistently afterwards.

I imagine this would be a good learning experience for a dedicated person or easy money on the side for a skilled developer.

PM me here or on discord. Krazy#5550

I look forward to working with you.
All the best.
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