Webdesigner [PHP] Gesior or MyAAC additional functions


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Jul 5, 2014
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Hello I want to make the PHP page responsive for it to open on mobiles it will have 5 tabs below.
Logged in people should also be included in the list of players logged in to my site
it starts with a Login / Registration screen
Character Choice
and after chosen the character will have 5 tabs below
- Character profile with Character picture, Current Level, skills, whether it is a premium account or not etc.
-Car - A list of monsters with a photo for him to choose to hunt, at the end of the hunt appears a button to rescue what he had "experience, gold etc" would have a time for each hunt, and some monsters would be inactive, only appeared active if the member for premium account you already have in the table too!
- Training almost equal to the monsters but the reward is only% of attaining skill, sword training, club, ax, magic, shielding
-Chat a chat with the characters of the game
-Area Free for me

That I said roughly, but every item you were doing you could go ask me what it would be like ..
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