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[PL][CUSTOM]Naruto New World | March 18 15:00GMT+1

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Mar 17, 2023
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Looking for a Naruto/Boruto game that features the latest Boruto manga developments? Check out Naruto New World! The Code storyline, Organization Kara, the ability to get Kama, and the fight with Otsutsuki? Everything here is based on the manga and the events of Naruto/Boruto.

A new era starts on March 18, starting a new chapter in the life of the game, you must be there with us!

Website: https://naruto2d.pl/
Discord: https://discord.gg/yp2TPVt

Naruto New World is a free 2D Naruto game where you can create your own unique character by choosing your specialization, clan, and chakra nature. Explore the open world of the game by completing missions based on the Naruto manga, join one of the organizations or become a Kage and manage the entire village. The game is available 24/7 and is constantly updated with new content from the Boruto manga.

You will be warmly welcomed to the game even if you don't know anyone here. Our community is here to help both in the game and on discord, where we will answer your questions. There is also a wikipedia of the game with information on all aspects of the game so you can choose your path and continue your journey with peace of mind.

Create your own legend by creating your own shinobi or choosing from a huge number of ninja paths that are based on famous characters from the Naruto and Boruto universes. Over 30 specializations and clans, 20 chakra natures, and 15 organizations that our character can join.

There are 13 villages in the game, which you can become a leader by claiming new areas for your village or by taking part in shinobi wars. Work your way up the ninja ranks to eventually become a Kage, or leave your village to become a Missing-Nin.

A huge world is waiting for you. In the game you will find famous locations from the universe such as the Forest of Death, Mount Myoboku, Akatsuki Base, and many more. Follow story missions based on the events of Naruto to develop your character and become stronger and stronger. In the game you will also find a lot of side activities, daily activities, wanted posters and character escorts.

+Choose one of +30 specializations like TaiJutsu, GenJutsu.
+Choose from +30 clans like Uchiha, Hyuuga, Nara.
+200 story missions based on the manga.
+Huge game world.
+Side missions, daily missions, bounties and wanted posters. There is always something to do here.
+Endgame to earn unique bonuses.
+More than 700 jutsu.
+Frequent updates.

I cordially invite you!