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[POLAND] [10.00 - 11.80] Zentorum - Edited real map


Oct 29, 2011
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Zentorum is made priority to have fun. The gameplay is on edited real map. You will find on it basic exp teleports, new boss arena, new warzones and exp places from real tibia like Secret Library, new skeletons etc..

Advancing in levels is rewarded by Items, Addon, Mount and Tibia Coins.
In our game store there are not full sets thanks to our experience, we know now that there is no fun in buying full stuff at start for a long game time.

Runes, ammunition and potions are limited.

Everyday there are Custom Bosses spawns.

he server has got many systems that makes players life easier, like : auto loot, mwall and wildgrowth runes timer.

Four automatic events are launched everyday. More informations about systems and events are in their sub marks on website.

Points for guilds can be earned automaticaly in-game. If you have a team and u want earn them, check the Shop image to the left of our website and go then to Guild Shop mark.

We are giving:
- First 400 accounts will receive 500 tibia coins (When the count will be reached).
- Every hundreth record, all online players will earn 300 tibia coins.
- One hour after the start, all online players will get Items, Mounts, Addons boxes.

13 january at 14:00 CET.

IP: Zentorum.eu
Port: 7171
Website: Zentorum - 10.00 Real tibia with customs.
Tibia client: 10.00 - 11.80
Hosted in: Poland

- Free blesses till level 150
- Protection level 100
- 9 frags to get Red Skull
- PZ time, 1 minute
- 3 hours to decrease frag
- White Skull time : 5 minutes
- Runes, ammunition and potions are limited
- Houses from level 150
- Skill x24
- Magic x14
- Loot x4
- Spawn x3

Exp Stage:
8 - 50 level, 600x
51 - 100 level, 400x
101 - 125 level, 350x
126 - 150 level, 300x
151 - 175 level, 250x
176 - 200 level, 200x
201 - 220 level, 150x
221 - 240 level, 100x
241 - 260 level, 70x
261 - 280 level, 45x
281 - 300 level, 20x
301 - 350 level, 10x
351 - 400 level, 5x
401 - 500 level, 4x
501 - 600 level, 3x
600+ level, 2x