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[POLAND] [13.32] Classera | Real Map | Start 11.05

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Apr 22, 2018
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Server Start:​

DATE 11.05.2024 18:00

Server Info:​

IP: classera.online (Port: 7171)

Real Client: 13.32

Online: 24/7 - dedicated server

World type: PVP (Protection level: 8)

House rent: monthly. - 100 level - buyable via command !buyhouse

Server save: every 1h & daily 10:00 CET

Free Premium & Spells


Exp Rate Static: x20

Magic Level: x5

Skills: x10

Loot: x3

Spawn: x2

Guilds: 8 level (Create via website)

Frags & Skull system​

PZ Lock: 1 min

White Skull Time: 15 min

Red skull length: 2 days

Black skull lenght: 5 days

Orange skull lenght: 10 days

Frags Red Skull: 6 - daily, 10 - weekly, 20 - monthly

Free blessings to 21 level

PvP Arena

Real Map Cities:​

- Ab'Dendriel

- Ankrahmun

- Bounac

- Carlin

- Cobra Bastion

- Darashia

- Dawnport

- Edron

- Farmine

- Feyrist

- Gnomprona

- Gray Beach

- Island of Destiny

- Issavi

- Kazordoon

- Krailos

- Liberty Bay

- Marapur

- Port Hope

- Rathleton

- Rookgaard

- Roshamuul

- Svargrond

- Thais

- Venore

- Yalahar

Other info:​

All quests works

Bestiary & Bosstiary system & Charm system

Free imbuing system (without quest, items needed)

Forge system

Wheel system not included

Completly works bosses with real reactions (like Grand Master Oberon)

AFK Trainers & Offline Training

Auto loot works in client

Summons works like on Real Tibia

Exiva Fiendish Monsters

Task System Grizzly Adams & Hunting Tasks

Prey system

Daily Reward Shrine

Traveling Yasir & Rashid

Raid system


Download Tibia Client: Download Tibia Client 13.32

Discord Server: Discord Server


Another worthless download and run rl map kanary serwer omgg, no efort nothing u maked urself even no skil wheel XDDDDD
Not play
But he's got a point. What makes your server stand out from others, downloaded probably from Canary github and just run on?
Oh! So each server must be unique? I host a server for fun, if anyone wants to, I invite them to play together. What's the problem?
Don't worry, create, develop, people who don't play on OTS at all, just sit on the forum and bother you because they have nothing to do
Don't worry, create, develop, people who don't play on OTS at all, just sit on the forum and bother you because they have nothing to do
Thanks for feedback!


Today i make some changes in respawn and skill & mlvl rates.

Now is:
Resp Rate - From x2 to x1
Skill Rate - From x10 to x20
Magic Rate - From x5 to x10

Also new accounts & characters reciving free 1000 Tibia Coins for start!

Feel free & have fun! Come join us! ;)


Wheel of Destiny works correctly now!
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I decided to add referral program, so:

If you invite someone to the server and that person reaches level 100, you can receive an additional 3,000 TC. The invited person will receive 2000 TC to the store where they can use these TC for outfit/mount/boost etc.
#update 3

Today we made few changes:

PvP Level - From level 8 to level 50
Bestiary / Bosstiary - From x1 to x5 pkt per kill
Rate offline training - From x1 to x2
Exercise items speed - From x1 to x2
Fight with bosses - From 20h to 2h
Free Access to many places (Yalahar, Spectres etc.)
Killing in The Name of... Points incrased from x1 to 5x per task

Feel free & have fun!