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[Poland] [8.6] | FELORIA | Evo Map | High Rates

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Nov 6, 2016
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feloria.pl 8.6 Start 19.06.2021 18:00-feloria.png

٠ • ● Information ● • ٠

-IP: Feloria.PL
-Port: 7171
-Customer 8.60
-Strength: Yes
-Start: 19/06/2021 18; 00
-EXP: Stages / Skills / Magic Factor: Server Info
FeloriaOT | Free Premium Points:
- The first 250 accounts will get 100 Premium Points
-Like our Fanpage and write a message with a nickname;
-at 19.00 every logged in player will receive 200 premium points
- One hour after the server starts, any logged in user with more than 25,000 will get 150 premium points.

٠ • ● Introduction ● • ٠
On the server you will find a lot of entertainment, all kinds of events in the form by administrations, as well as from the system dropped after a certain time.
Based on the experience gained over the years, we did what I did, even though they are not eager to reap the benefits of reaping the benefits of having advanced equipment.
It can be won in tasks or by winning in events where everyone has an equal chance.

٠ • ● Our Discord ● • ٠
Join our Discord server:
click here
Discord is the best way to get in touch
with us.
We will also organize contests on it.

Worth joining!

٠ • ● Screenshots ● • ٠

feloria.pl 8.6 Start 19.06.2021 18:00-temple.png

feloria.pl 8.6 Start 19.06.2021 18:00-expowiska.png

feloria.pl 8.6 Start 19.06.2021 18:00-questy.png

feloria.pl 8.6 Start 19.06.2021 18:00-questy.png