[POLAND][8.6] Prestizots Best Evo [14.04.2018 - 18:00]

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    1. General Information

    -IP: PrestizOTS.pl
    -Version: 8.60
    -Port: 7171
    -PVP: 200 lvl
    -SKILL: x20
    -MAGIC: x10
    -HOUSES: 100 lvl
    -FREE VIP: to 150 lvl
    -Frags to rs:
    25 per day / 100 per week / 350 per month
    -START: 14 APRILL 18:00

    2. Free Points

    Free points at the PrestizOTS.pl you can get several ways.
    1. Advertising on groups on facebook
    2. Like & share fanpage server
    3. Promotion codes
    4. Advertising on other servers.

    3. What is prestizOTS.pl
    PrestizOTS.pl is a private server 4fun Open Tibia created for the players. We have created for you a mass of systems and great events, so you will not be bored.
    We have worked on the server for several months and according to us, it is well-prepared for the last button and ready for the mass of players.

    4. Exp Stages

    1-50 - x150
    51-100 - x100
    101-200 - x50
    201-300 - x25
    301-400 - x20
    401-500 - x30
    391-400 - x15
    401-500 - x10
    501-600 - x8
    601-700 - x5
    701-1000 - x3
    1001-1500 - x1.5
    1501-2000 - x1

    5. What can we offer?

    ~-Frequent updates
    We intend to add updates about once a week and in them many new products.

    ~-Attention to detail
    Did you find a typo or error on the map? Something irritating you? It is enough to report it to the administration, we pay attention to every detail

    ~-An extensive and active forum
    Our forum is based on MyBB, it is expanded in terms of style and activities, the administration actively checks the forum.

    ~-Custom monsters
    On the server you will find a mass of original monsters for gaining experience and performing quests.

    ~-Custom Quests
    On our server you will find many interesting and unique quests, which you will find only on our server.

    ~-Pay to win? Certainly not here!
    Everything that is in the sms shop can be obtained in the game!

    ~-Over 200 hunting grounds including 50 hidden ones!
    If you do not want to buy a VIP, explore the map! you will certainly find something for yourself!

    6. Systems

    ~-Alchemist's system
    ~-Task system
    ~-Level Rewards
    ~-Daily Missions
    ~-Addon statue's
    ~-Farm System
    ~-Level Points
    ~-Paid Experience for gold ingot
    ~-Survival System

    7. Events
    On our server you will find several different and interesting events, some of them may be known from other servers, but we are currently trying to introduce original events that you can not find anywhere else.

    ~-Paintball Event
    ~-Metin Stones
    ~-Draft Event
    ~-Invisible Event

    In the end i will show your screens





    Certainly not here
    Paid experience for a gold bar

    Refresh :)
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    Due to technical problems, the server's start date was forced to be postponed to 21 April. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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