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Team Project Selero,


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May 12, 2008
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Well, I've been starting my project with some guys; Selero.
suddenly the day of the launch our mapper didn't wanted to send the map and left the team..

i decided to work on my own map since im not a mapper it was awfull,

We got now (GM list on website isn't complete anymore since our mapper left some guys left/joined:

Site Designer / scripter = Michael
Designer = Antabolie
Ingame Service = Leroy
Hoster = Me ^_^
Mapper = None
Scripter = None
Other functions?? = APPLY and tell me what :thumbup:

Don't think we only got 2 applications we got no maximum at the moment just post ur application

if you place a application it would be nice if you show some work then we will contact you faster if its good ofcourse

Dont think im just a random because i got 1 post i just never used the forums for posting becuase i had a team and i had the knowlegde to make my own server,

Well this is the website for now we still gonna get domain when we are sure the Server will got launched
So at the moment its just a no-ip web; http://selero.no-ip.org
Site is not UPDATED rates, everything is not right at te moment that just because we dont know what we will do because the whole team have to agree on same rates
Its still a based site but since we got a new Site designer / scripter he will work on website so it got its 100% natural own looks

We only waiting for a Dedicated mapper who is able to spend some time in the project,

The server is located in holland

and the server will be 8.1

Thanks alot,
Roel Annaert /// IvySection
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