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Apr 1, 2009
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Hello all,

From time to time i browse these forums and keep up with community projects and every once in a while if i see something in the jobs section ill contribute via some mapping. It got me thinking maybe we have an actual section in the forums dedicated to projects? People can pitch their ideas, get feedback and advertise for open positions on their projects and show progress on their projects. Naturally some will die and some will succeed but i think it would be a good option to get community people working together if its all laid out in front of them. I know alot of projects die because of one person doing it and this could be a good way to get people helping each other out as contributors. I feel the jobs section doesn't quite capture all what a projects section could be. Its obvious alot of projects wont see the light of day but thats how people learn, maybe some 17 year old's get together to try and create their first project, host it for a bit and shut it down or some experienced 25+ developers make a whole new concept that sustains itself for years. I for one enjoy making some small hunting areas, maps or other things for people but hardly see anyone looking for this service, i even do it for free alot of the time.

Just some food for thought? Im sure their is something obvious im missing but who knows maybe it could turn into something good?