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.rec files (old tibiacam files) how do I watch them?


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Jan 23, 2022
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As the title says, I have a TON of old tibia cam files, I can't really remember during what client I started making cams but it was probably around 7.5 - 8.x. Although I have a few of the old tibiacam applications I cannot seem to work it, it does not load them. I remember that every patch meant a new tibiacam client but I was wondering if there was either a place to download all the old tibia cam clients/tibia clients of that era or if there was a platform now a days that can just play any of them. I'd appreciate any help! I have loads of old war/random pk videos I am dying to watch!


Shaduu / Aldora
I think there is a way to play all the files with the same Tibicam. I think the name is Tibia Time Machine, not sure about that

By the way, it would be awesome if we create a repo with all the cam files. Does anybody knows if someone did it before?